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EXCLUSIVE: Man Slated to be Obama’s Top Immigration Agent Investigated for Embezzlement

By Debbie Schlussel has learned that Robert Schoch, the Special Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for Los Angeles, is under investigation for alleged embezzlement and/or misuse of ICE funds used in undercover operations. Mr. Schoch and the Los Angeles Deputy Special Agent in charge, Jennifer Silliman, were escorted from the ICE federal offices in Long Beach, California, and had their badges and guns taken from them (standard procedure when an agent is under investigation and put on leave). They were both put on administrative leave pending a continuing investigation. A search warrant was reportedly executed on Agent Schoch’s home, and sources say his computers from both his LAX and Long Beach offices were seized.

Normally, this would be inside baseball stuff. But Schoch was slated by Obama Administration officials running ICE to be Director of Investigations of ICE, meaning that he would be running and overseeing all ICE investigations worldwide. His appointment to that position was imminent, even as he was reportedly being investigated by ICE’s Office of Professional Responsibility and, reportedly, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing at ICE. . . and doesn’t care.

I contacted ICE’s PR people, yesterday afternoon, regarding this story, and they would neither confirm nor deny it. However, it’s all over ICE. Agents are wondering why a man who was, himself, under investigation was chosen and about to be named their agency’s chief investigator. It sounds like a joke, but it’s very real and, sadly, very typical of the agency for which they work and where morale continues to plummet.

It’s more bad news about an agency that continues to be mismanaged, without aim or specific purpose, and cannibalized by inept and dishonest supervisors and bureaucrats, who use the agency as their own personal harems, “The Bachelorette” show sets, and nightly falalafel dinner opportunities with Muslims galore (that means you, Abu Moskowitz). And you wonder why illegal aliens continue to laugh at them . . . and us. I’ll be writing more about ICE’s, um, “leadership” under the Obama/Napolitano regime in the near future (stay tuned).

Schoch is 39 or 40 according to differing accounts. His rise in ICE with little experience was meteoric and rife with cronyism, NOT law enforcement experience. Back in 2004, under the Bush Administration, he was briefly Deputy Assistant Director of ICE. He comes from the former INS. The same goes for his Deputy, the inexperienced Ms. Silliman, his close friend.

To make matters worse, Agent Schoch’s acting replacement, Kevin Kozak, is another senior manager who not only skipped any practical experience, but he has a history of EEO gender discrimination cases–some of which were proven, sustained by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, and settled, with the government paying your tax money (a lot of it) to at least one woman. He’s no David Letterman, and the cases do not involve any sexual malfeasance, but male v. female promotion and disciplinary decisions (which in many cases in ICE, seem to now discriminate against men in favor of unqualified women).

While I have no idea of Mr. Schoch’s innocence or guilt and have been unable to reach him for comment, you have to ask yourself how this guy could be considered to be the nation’s top investigator in immigration and customs fraud cases. He doesn’t have the experience. And now, he’s suspected of something criminal.

The investigation might be prompted by a politically motivated personal grudge by a rival faction within ICE or the competition for the job he was slated to get. But I doubt it. Most ICE Special Agents in Charge–like Michigan/Ohio top ICE cop Brian Moskowitz–get away with doing everything but murder. And they don’t go after them . . . unless it’s very, very serious.

We shall see. Stay tuned.

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