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O'Reilly hiding under his desk -- refuses 'birther' time to respond to Lis Wiehl's false statements regarding Obama's birth documentation

(Alan note: regardless of your opinion on the birther subject, O'Reilly has increasingly not followed his fair and balanced claims since Oba-Hussein got elected and has suppressed many (not all) items that reflect badly on Obama or his legitimacy to hold his office.

 O'Reilly even went on record as far as to say he had seen the birth certificate HIMSELF!" That is B.S.! But suits his defend Oba-Hussein so that he avoids a the same type of harrassment which drove Rush Limbaugh out of New York through pernicious tax audits.

It would have served well for him to have invited a top level birther and let him or her air out their views on why the legitimacy of  Oba-Hussein has been in question.

We report you decide has disappeared. We report a censored newsline and hide what the rest of the LSM fails to publish. Fox news is no longer on your side but on Oba-Hussein's, running UNBALANCED interference for him)

On the Oct 27, 2009 O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly sat stupidly while Lis Wiehl made several conspicuously false statements regarding the facts related to Obama's birth documentation. Referring to the 'birthers', Ms. Wiehl stated that "It's this whole movement that says that Obama was elected from a bad, unconstitutional point of view because he was not born in the United States. That's been litigated. Congress investigated. His birth document from Hawaii was shown."

First, regarding "That's been litigated" this case has never actually been heard in open court (because the plaintiffs have been denied standing).

Alan note: (Judge David Carter, who had decided to hear it and could have saved America but caved - to the extent of even having his 30-page decision apparently written for him by an new clerk he brought in from the Obama legal firm, has failed the Marine Corps, himself and all of us. He mentions not wanting to disenfranchise 69 million who voted for Obama but fails to address fraud perpetrated on the whole nation by an usurper.

Taking this to an extreme, it is as if we had elected Ossama Bin Laden instead of Oba-Hussein Khomeini - had he managed to fool us, fool we the people and buy his election with Saudi and other Jihadi money and Jihadi thuggery - all of which we the people were dissuaded from opposing by the Lame Stream Media and corrupt Democrat Congress and Senate majorities).

Second, regarding "Congress investigated." Does anyone know to what she is referring? Or as that a total fabrication? Does she really think that Barney Frank and Harry Reid have "investigated" this?

Third, regarding "His birth document from Hawaii was shown", Ms. Wiehl fails to mention that what has been shown is purported to be a bona fide copy of Mr. Obama's birth documentation. Furthermore, the validity of that copy is disputed for a number of reasons. (And they never mention the fact that Hawaii issues two types of birth documentation, and that there is an interesting dispute as to which type of birth documentation Mr. Obama has.)

Fox News continues to ridicule people who believe that Mr. Obama's birth records -- that are actually on file in Hawaii -- should be made available to independent document experts for inspection and validation.

O'Reilly is hiding under his desk and refuses to give the head 'birther' time to respond to Lis Wiehl's false statements on the 'O'Reilly Factor' regarding Obama's birth documentation.

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Wiehl received a bachelor's degree from Barnard College in 1983, a Master of Arts in Literature from the University of Queensland in 1985, and a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School in 1987

She began her career as a lawyer for the (Obama defense)  law firm of Perkins Coie then served as a federal prosecutor from 1990–1995. Wiehl worked for the House of Representatives team (as "principal deputy chief minority investigative counsel" for the House Judiciary Committee) in the late 1990s, including during the Clinton impeachment proceedings..

Before joining Fox, Wiehl was a legal analyst for CBS affiliate KIRO-TV in Seattle, and (from November 2000 to February 2001) NBC News.

Wiehl married criminal-defense attorney Mickey Sherman on June 23, 2006 in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. Sherman is a television legal analyst who represented Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel in the murder trial in which Skakel was convicted.


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