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Gist of the Farsi text.

The above  link goes to the Farsi/Persian language article in the Multilingual section (look at the photos) of the "in your face" - hidden in plain site -  building that the Mullah regime thought would be a secret, unknown torture center for years to come , where they can hold some 300 short term prisoners at a time. In three rows of cells.

Because most of the torture chambers are below ground and directly above a metro/subway line, the loud train noises serve to muffle screams of agony that abound inside this structure.

Also tunnels leading to the building and to the metro line, serve to bring and remove prisoners or dead bodies out of sight of the thousands of people who walk and drive past the building on a daily basis.

Recently renovated to look like a planned future Supermarket or Department Store the location at the 7th Tir (25th Shahrivar Square) acts as a centralized holding and interrogation facility easily accessible to transport street demonstrators or hostages increasingly being kidnaped from homes - hundreds of whom to never reappear!

Rooftop satellite dishes maintain constant communications with Suppression Forces operating in the streets and cameras on the sides of the building monitor street activity in this area where demonstrators have been gathering.

The Islamic regime television station occasionaly broadcasts views from these cameras and passes them to the special Forces vehicles to help monitor crowd control activity.

Despite a day and night watch on the building and the side streets leading to it, no surface traffic in and out of it was observed but the whole area is constantly patrolled by government agents and their vehicles, specially at night. (To protect a future Supermarket)?

Clandestine investigation has brought to light a maze of underground vehicle capable tunnels and entrances to the building and occasionally lights in some windows at the back turn on and off on some nights.

This information has been gleaned from agents of the regime's security and suppression forces who still officially work for them but whose hearts are with the demontrators and protestors.

The building format of purely underground entry and exit makes it easy to block access to any outsider or force which might want to raid it and release prisoners. Similarly formulated prisons are springing up around Iranian cities, including one in Tabriz.

The anti-Mullah regime partisans, who discovered this  ask everyone to pass the information around.

Maryam Rostampour and Marzieh Amirizadeh Esmaeilabad

Failing efforts to reconvert them back to islam, these two Chrisitian girls have been released from the notorious Evin prison after nine months incarceration for apostasy after they converted from Islam to Christianity.

Are we all tippy-toeing around the fact that they did not spend a quiet nine months in Evin? That they have been raped, gang raped, and tortured to make them convert back to Islam?

Am I being too cynical to think they are so badly battered that their release could well be to avoid either of them or both dying in prison, whereas now their death announcement (God forbid) can be censored and not appear?

While they and their families are inside Islamic Iran, their silence is almost certain, so their release is physically a blessing for them but until we know what their physical condition is, it may not be anything more than the regime hiding what was done to them.

And Islamist protector/promoter Obama could not care less and continues to want tea and chat with this regime of monsters as if they were acceptable people.

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