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تهران 16 آذر- اطراف دانشگاه تهران - جنگ و گريز و صداي تيراندازي و مزدوران دست پاچه در اطراف دانشگاه

Video of back and forth sallies between demonstrators and the Bassiji Suppression forces and sounds of shots with somewhat panicked riot police voices near the Tehran University.

Note:  despite denials by the regime, reports reaching AntiMullah and other news sites confirm protesters were killled by the dozens! The regime also admitted to arresting some 200 students whereas other reports put the number well over 1,000.

Some students are beginning to sporadically resist physically and hit back when hit by the riot troops, though this has yet to reach a real fight back level of intensity. That wil come when they decide to stand their ground as part of their outnumbering the riot forces.

Hopefully, we shall see the kind of swarm tactic police use in America to take down someone resisting arrest - often after a ca chase.

Students would choose several Bassijis in a small grup then gang up and take them down by sheer force of numbers. Once a few of the Bassijis get  scragged this way and have to face the aggression, their already disheartened mind sets will induce them to be less brutal.

Some wil shoot at protesters sooner but this happens anyway as can be heard in this video.

Unlike the 5,000 or so mercenary Palestinian, neo-Bassiji hardcore, the Khamenei family imported from Palestinian prisons to kill students, the IRGC (Revolutionary Guard Corps) has already become much gentler toward demonstrators  and less reliable a suppression force for the regime. Their hearts are no longer in their jobs.

AntiMullah is clearly beginning to get reactions from pro-Mullah regime individuals who have begun posting comments (trying to) and sending "in your face" confrontational Emails saying the Mullahs are there to stay and not to waste time trying to remove them. Including downplaying the student protests as a waste of energy.

"Qui vivra vera" (who will be alive, will see)

فائزه هاشمی در میان دانشجویان دانشگاه آزاد دانشگاه علوم و تحقيقات 16 آذر
At a protest in Tehran, (video below) people surround and vociferously and repeatedly thank Faizeh, the daughter of former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who has criticized the conduct of the June elections. The chant says "Faizeh we are thanful".

Meanwhile her brother's website has been blocked and removed by the authorities  and "anti-regime activity" charges have been filed against him as a shot across the bows of his father.

Meanwhile former President Khatami (cleric) has stated that the protests should NOT be focused against the regime (increasingly so)  as Iran "wants and needs" an Islamic governance.

While the clerics, specially senior ones splinter into opposing camps, it appears to us that a paramilitary coup is in the works or even in progress under the former Revolutionary Guard officer, now figure head Ahmadi-Nejad the Turd. The sudden disappearance of Supreme Leader Ali Khamanei, who has gone to ground, also points to this.
Again, "qui vivra vera" rather than the more passive  "Que sera, sera".

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