Friday, December 04, 2009

GOOGLE COMMENTER (possibly from someone INSIDE GOOGLE)

A comment which was left on the Google article but failed to post stated that "Google is not the Government but a company and implied as such " had the right to filter out and eliminate free speech and opinion if it (anyone in Google) did not agree with those opinions!"

With senior Google operatives oficially working inside the White House, this Clintonesque  "what is, is" distinction is fallacious.

The commenter added some less than complimentary, furious  adjectives about the AntiMullah opinions and articles! (Those were "allowed" free speech but not ours if we have a similar opinion about others).

There you have a window into the "new" mindset of the "new" thuggery now in charge in America, which only wants things to be available, read and seen with which they agree and to suppress everything (everything) else and applaud suppression of free speech in a public venue like the Internet and opinion elimination is OK if done a by a corporation and not the government - BUT misses the point it is being done by Google on BEHALF of the current government - guided by Google persons INSIDE the Obama House.

The comment cited that it was all Bush's fault and his Patriot Act, (which actually served to protect us and our freedoms) as the epitomy of suppression of free speech(?) - checking out phone calls between terrorists and their local contacts! Rather twisted logic.  Specially as Oba-Hussein has retained Patriot Act policies for his own administration!

All angry pro-Obama rhetoric of "how dare anyone OPENLY not revere the Messiah" and thus deserves to be wiped off the face of the earth. Sorry, off the face of the Internet by Google.

What difference is there really beween this THUGGISH mindset of Obamabots and that of Iran's Ahmadi-Nejad the Turd and his postulating the need to wipe Israel off the face of the earth/map. Only a matter of degree NOT a policy difference between the actions (gentler though they are) of Google filtering anyone out on the Internet - and the loony president of Islamic Iran "elminating" a country off the face of the map".

Reflect on this for a moment. Other than the extent, what is truly the difference?

Are we the "bad guys" here because we presume (or according to the commenter, dare) to FREELY voice a contrary opinion to the lunatic. destructive thuggery we are encountering from the current , often very radical, frequently philosophically weird members of the current administration or are such comment posters and the mindsets under which they function and actions they espouse the real haters of others' freedoms, which  "we the people" are allowed by the Constitution - BECAUSE THEY HAVE, ARE and approve THE TRAMPLING OF IT?

Just by contrast, while it still lasts, do a Google search on  the combined word "Oba-Hussein" instead of "AntiMullah" and suddenly view the plethora of AntiMullah articles appear in the still (for now) search result without the same Google filters applied to "antimullah".

Again, I enjoy and appreciate Google Blogger giving me and others a soap box or political pulpit to spout and share our opinions and world views but would hope that once engaged to allow us to "exist" on Blogger across the world, would also stand up for and uphold our inherent right or freedom to be heard and seen without REVERSE censorship and NOT be filtered out based on our political, ethnic or religious views.

We posit our points of view and it is up to the reader or  visitor to our site (often from 80 countries in a day) to make up their own minds.  We "review", they decide. If we change minds in our favor by advocating facts as we present them, then that is part of the free speech rights.

All this without suppressing the rights of Obamabots or websites that have treated (while he was still in office)  and still do treat  President Bush with the worst and most  demeaning of attributes and adjectives - but will not allow the same freedom toward opponents of their favorites.

If what we say does not suit them (or their curiosity), they stop coming to the site and thus this is the valid limitation that gets imposed on us.

Should NOT be a Google, Obama House, weirdo czar or anybody else's bullying or enforced "elimination" of us. They may have the practical bully power to do this but NOT the right and Google should also do more than simply pay lip service and actualy protect the interests of not simply AntiMullah but about half the USA population or more who:

a) Did not vote for Obama
b) Have buyer's remorse or change of heart if they did.
c) Are proponents of our Constitution and freedoms derived from there.

They have a right to read, view and enjoy opinions that suit them without bowing to Google or Obamabots. Their rights are thus also being trampled by the selective (tbough largely computerized)  multifaceted filtering. Obamabots can simply avoid coming to our site and leave our rights in place.

Just as we do not READILY visIt pro-Islamic Mullah sites that preach violence,  sedition, overthrow and destruction of the USA.

Those usually violent sites exist with impunity and without censorship, so Google might care to be mindful not to tie our patriotic hands behind our backs when dealing with what is out there by hobbling/crippling  us to please a specific faction in the USA.

Or even worse, to please - even inadvertently - our enemies abroad (or those within who have infiltrated us).

People should be allowed to visit us easily and not prevented by filter obstacles.

Be happy, be well and thrive is our message to all of you.

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