Saturday, December 05, 2009


Prince Shahriahr

Prince Shahriar Chafigh (as he spelled it, French being his initial primary foreign language), called Poudzi by his close friends and family, son of the Shah's twin sister  Her Imperial Highness Ashraf Pahlavi, became one of Iran's most effective and highly trained commanders in the South of Iran, charged with special forces tactics using Hovercraft.

He was assassinated in the South of France not long after the revolution by a Mullah motorcyclist, and allegedly drawn to the target location by a turncoat Staff Sergeant, personal bodyguard of His Imperial Majesty, the late-Shah.

Poudzi was probably the only initial survivor in the military who, despite his relative youth, commanded such deep respect and admiration among the troops that he could easily have led a counter-revolution and freed Iran from the Mullahs.

As a close friend of mine at one point of time (as was his young sister Azadeh, Dodi to her friends and family) his death struck me deeply on a personal level and perhaps as hard or harder with the disappearance of the hope to take Iran back. 

HIs Imperial Highness Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, who does not have extensive military training, could have used his cousin's skills and together they could have done what is becoming more and more difficult with the obstacles put in the way of those trying to change the regime in Islamic Iran by Obama. Not just the royalists but anyone trying to restore freedoms in the Mullah pestilence ridden, once proud country.

In support of the Mullahs, Obama, or Oba-Hussein-Khomeini as he is more aptly named, cut off funds for anti-Mullah activity and political and social freedom activity. And every signal he has sent the blood-thirsty Mullahs in response to their suppression of dissent and striving for freedom has been to "not worry" about America under Oba-Hussein making life difficult for the oppressive regime or doing anything to prevent them acquiring nuclear weapon capability.

As a good Islamist with Marxist underpinnings, Oba-Hussein owes primary allegiance to Allah and not to freedom or even the USA.

In fact his administration is removing our Constitutional freedoms as fast as they can and placing fervent Moslems in key security policy making decisions and running protective interference for horrible actions by Moslems in the USA like Major Hasan.

President Jimmuh the idiot Carter set up the Islamic power grab in Iran and now Oba-Hussein ensures it reaches nculear power status without interference. No matter how much Persian blood is spilled or how much torture takes place.


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evilislam said...

Death to Islam and shame on The filthy Western Governments who Betrayed Humanity when they Betrayed him and His Proud nation in 1979.