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This site has comments from Islamic Iran updated every five minutes starting at 9:00 a.m. this morning (Tehran Time)

The top video is an old one but scroll down a bit to where the paragraph starts with "Dedicated to...... (and names of some protesters)" and then a bit lower down you will see "9:00" followed by  Farsi font texts and English translations of them.

"Dedicated to glowing sky of the student movement of Shariat Razavi, Ghandchi, and Bozorgnia; dedicated to the always remembered memories of Akbar Mohammadi, Ezzat Ebrahim Nejad, Kianoosh Asa, Amir Javadifar and Neda Agha Sultan and all of whom gave their lives for freedom".

and"In honour of the bloodied generation of Khavaran,Farzad Kamangar, Mohammad Pour Abdullah, and all students who have become the proud new guests of Evin prison".

Nothing we at AntiMullah can do would surpass this superb reporting effort and in our aim to inform and educate, we happily point to the site for your reading and edification.

Reports reaching AntiMullah described the streets in Tehran as resembling the result of a "military invasion" which took over the streets with enormous military show of force.

The Mullah regime Suppression forces also "curtained off"  areas surrounding Universities with plain cloth and pro-regime banners to prevent bystanders seeing what was happening inside or communicating signals. One of the photos at the above site shows one such effort at an university gate.

This isolation was in addition to cutting down Internet and cell phone communications to a very slow, bare minimum to prevent co-ordination of efforts or back and forth encouragement among the various groups.

Anyone seen with a cell phone or camera had their equipment/phone confiscated and the owners were often arrested or beaten up on the spot.

(Alan note: this kind of "suppression mentality"  is increasingly coming about in America under the Oba-Hussein Marxist-Islamist presidency where as of today "breathing out" is technically creating a polluting health hazard (CO2 gas) and has to be regulated by his government - not joking - read the announcement made today)!

Initial reports also claimed dozens of protesters were killed or injured when the Bassiji Suppression forces began firing into the crowds. This was apparently triggered when the demonstrators fought back and charged at the  Bassiji and Revolutionary Guard para-military forces, on occasion putting them to flight.

Reports from other sources have provided confirmations of this bloodshed. Adding,  the demonstrations have focused not only on the current presidency but on the change and removal of the Islamic regime. Slogans of "Death to dictators" and to the "Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei" indicate this though some "green" supporters of  "president elect Moussavi both inside and outside the country have been seen posed with the Islamic version of the national flag.

Meanwhile, another indicator of the anti-Mullah regime not just anti-Ahmadi-Nejad government focus of the protesters comes from the increasing number of tri-color (red, white and green) national flags being carried by demonstrators - without the Islamic emblem (added by Khomeini) in the center. 

So far, the Sword, Lion and Sun emblem which was in the center for centuries has not made a noticeable appearance. When it does, it will be a huge leap forward of the AntiMullah popular revolt and renouncing of the current Islamic  "velayat faghih" (theocratic governance) constitution .

When will American policy also change from Oba-Hussein supporting the thuggery of the blood-thirsty Mullah regime to supporting the people's struggle to win their freedom?

Or is this contrary to his own view of how he wants to rule America?

More will emerge in days to follow as censorship barriers begin to leak information to us.


During the previous wave of anti-regime demonstrations in November, the anti-riot squads, known as Basijis, virtually deserted, leading Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to send them to barracks without arms.

“They had to hire 3,500 people, paying them $400 each per day, in order to crack down on the November demonstrations,” Sazegara told Newsmax. “We have succeeded in destroying the Basij force as it has been known until now. Today, it is only a name.”

A senior Revolutionary Guards commander for Tehran announced on Saturday that he had ordered his troops to give flowers to student demonstrators on Monday.

(AntiMullah received a report that such flowers had been soaked in chemical poison and would numb or knock out anyone who handled or smelled them and posted an urgent warning last night)

 Read the rest of Ken's article at:
timmerman/Iran_student_protests/2009/12/07 click here

FARSI VIDEOS of NEW SLOGANS, INCLUDING DEATH TO SUPREME RULER KHAMENEI also glimpses of the Iranian flag without the Islamic emblem

Various Videos of SLOGANS by protesters CLICK HERE

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