Tuesday, December 08, 2009



Khamenei was initially lodged in the VIP box section of a stadium in West Tehran, surrounded by crack riot troops/police. This is withing easy striking distance of the new international airport where he had a passenger jet with engines always running and armored vehicles to get him there from the nearby stadium. And a helicopter on standby, too, in the stadium.

Suddenly unable to trust anyone, including members of the Bassiji Suppression forces nor the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps., loyal to Ahmadi-Nejad and the obese Commander of the IRGC, nicknamed Porky, he has now probably gone to ground (literally)in one of the nuclear sites, hundreds of feet underground. (Shades of Hitler’s bunker).

Alterantively, he is in Mashhad City area (his home town) in a nearby bunker of other sorts. Rats run for their most familiar hidey holes, though I doubt if he can really rely on anyone any more.

His middle son Mojtaba, in charge of special security, suppression and riot forces, who imported ARAB Palestinian felons as a special mercenary guard for his family and to act as hit-men against Persian (not-Arab) Iranians for whom they have no love, has certainly several bolt holes ready, guarded by such terrorists.

Khamenei’s fear is likely more from the IRGC than the populace, though being captured by the latter right now would almost certainly lead to a lynching.

Ahmadi-Nejad is also not likely to be anywhere to be found. His first (eventual) bolt hole is Russia, where he travelled urgently during the previous demonstrations. Venuezela would follow if the Russians decided not to shelter him once his usefulness was over.

Reading the writing on the wall, quite a few of the middle to upper (not top drawer) level clerics from around the country have already fled and gone to ground in Iraq’s Shia neighborhoods.

With the 18 Billion dollars confiscated by Turkey after Ahmadi-Nejad exported it in a couple of container trucks, the Turd’s slush fund should he need to flee the country has become unavailable. He lamely said this amount, more than national budgets of many countries, was to provide funds for the 12th Imam (who disappeared down the Jamkaran well some 1300 years ago) when he returnd to redeem teh world an dturn it into a global Caliphate!

Khamenei and his family, a bit like deceased Yasser Arafart and Saddam Hussein, has billions salted away in Islamic Far East countries like Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia and would be negotiating a safe haven in the region.

The current situation appears to point to secular “green movement” leader Moussavi becoming temporary caretaker of Islamic Iran (Karroubi, as a cleric is less likely to be handed the reins,though will be in a leadership position).

The blood of tens of thousands Moussavi has on his hands as Ayatollah Khomeni’s Prime Minister back in 1980 disqualifies him in the eyes of the protesters.

The new non-clerical, new regime of Republic of Iran (no Islamic tag) desired by the populace should definitely demand that the new Constitution NOT have ANY specific religion as the official one of Iran.

UNLESS it is a pro-forma Zorostrianism, the pre-Islamic official religion in Iran, which is fonded on this tripod that everyone of any religion can actually accept:

Think good thoughts. Speak Good words. Perform good deeds/actions.

This should be made into a thin end of the wedge slogan as the way to replace the clerics and Islam as the official religion in Iran. And a rallying political cry aimed at the populace.

Based on ancient tradition to which even the simplest and least educated of superstitious people can relate, it can be presented as a patriotic tenet to overcome embedded Islamic brainwashing.

This strategy may prove the only viable one to block outside or internal Islamic influence creating segmentation and chaos.

Other factors need attention but this should be a root tactic to achieve the regime change needed.

One visible form could be to change the “green” movement into a “blue” (Zoroastrian) movement, “gold” would have been a better one but this has been pre-empted by the Mojaheddineh Khalgh (MEK) which has also participated in anti-clerical demonstrations in the West.

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