Sunday, December 06, 2009

آموزش دفاع شخصی در مواجه با نیروهای انتظامی و یا بسیج SELF-DEFENSE AGAINST MULLAH SUPPRESSION

یاران با درود

من از اصل ایمل خبر ندارم؛ فقط ایمل را بزرگتر نوشتم؛ ولي از اين آخوندهای حرامزاده هرچی بخواهيد

بر میاید؛

بيت اللهی

عزیزان، در روز ۱۶ آذر گل دریافت نکنید و گلها رو بو نکنید

طبق خبر رسیده شده بسیاری از گلهای آماده شده برای ۱۶ آذر در آبهای حاوی نوعی سم,آلودگی یا داروهای کرخت کننده‌ نگهداری شده اند.
مبارزین جهت احتیاط لطفا هیچ چیز دریافت نکنید شال‌ها نیز میتوانند آلوده باشند


I cannot verify the source of this Email (Farsi above) but the word needs to go out that protesters should not accept anything,
specially flowers in the street.

Word has it that flowers are scheduled to be handed out to protesters but under no circustances accept them NOR SMELL them as they have been tainted after being kept in chemically poisoned water and this chemical  will numb you.


Farsi only

Monday is Students Day and protesters are expected in the streets all over Iran

Mullah Bassiji (Suppression) forces have threatened even harsher methods of confrontation with students and demonstrators

A basic defense against tear gas and other Bassiji actions has been put together by student supporters to reduce the damage suffered by the protesters

These are being offered as received without comment or suggestion as to their efficacy or that they should be used.

Hopefully it may save some lives or broken bones and reduce the suffering of the brave seekers of social and political freedom and justice in Islamic Iran.

Would be a great idea for the USA to support the populace struggling to escape the murderous regime's oppressive dictatorship instead of the  support and encouragement of that very regime by the U.S. Administration, specially by Oba-Hussein.

But then the populace cannot supply funds and votes in the USA to elect  Democrats as they did last time around.

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Aaron said...

Basij = Gestapo