Saturday, December 12, 2009


Reporting from Phoenix - The day after the federal government told Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio that he could no longer use his deputies to round up suspected illegal immigrants on the street, the combative Arizona sheriff did just that.

He launched one of his notorious "sweeps," in which his officers descend on heavily Latino neighborhoods, arrest hundreds of people for violations as minor as a busted headlight and ask them whether they are in the country legally.

(Permitted by STATE laws he enforces)

"I wanted to show everybody it didn't make a difference," Arpaio said of the Obama administration's Constitutionally illegal order.

Arpaio calls himself "America's toughest sheriff" and remains widely popular across the state. For two decades, he has basked in publicity over his colorful tactics, such as dressing jail inmates in pink underwear and housing them in outdoor tents during the brutal Phoenix summers.

But he has escalated his tactics in recent months, not only defying the federal government but launching repeated investigations of those who criticize him.

He recently filed a racketeering lawsuit against the entire Maricopa County power structure.

On Thursday night, the Arizona Court of Appeals issued an emergency order forbidding the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office from searching the home or chambers of a Superior Court judge who was named in the racketeering case.

We need this kind of courage and reliance on the Constitution from everyone in the face of the Oba-Hussein power grab and disregard for the powers of the individual States OVER Federal powers.

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