Sunday, January 17, 2010



By Alan Peters

Phone call from the Scott Brown rally, outside Mechanics Hall:

Up to 5,000 supporters of Scott Brown have gathered vociferously outside the hall, loud enough at times to drown out the phone conversation. Shouting slogans, they have blocked all four street lanes for about half a block around the rally point.

Only a few at a time were allowed into the hall for about 15 minutes and they have just announced that the hall is filled to capacity as are two overflow areas, one of which is Lexington Hall in the Crown Plaza hotel.

At least 2,000 people are still in the street outside the hall with no room for them to go. They are now marching toward another with a least 1,000 in front of Race Bannon who was one of the first to turn toward the new location and has that many behind him.

Whether sound and video will be piped to the oveflow areas was still unclear, though simulcast has been started at the Lexingtron Hall, whose 400 or so capacity has wall to wall, flesh to flesh packed attendance of at least 1,000 very enthusiastic supporters.

The rally includes visitors from New Jersey and parts of Illinois among other places.

More as reports come in. Photos from Race Bannon should become available later tonight or tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Democrat spinmeisters are insisting the tide of popularity has turned in favor of Martha Coakley, who is expected to win handily with Barack Obama's support and three to one Democrats registered to vote.

One foot of snow expected to fall on Monday could play a vital part in the election.

And the Obama House has indicated it will bypass another Senate vote if they lose the seat to Scott Brown and use the less than legal "nuclear option" and pass the bill with only 51 votes needed to pass.

As if illegal or unconstitutional activity has stopped the Obama administration till now!

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