Wednesday, January 06, 2010


With the exception of now "Imam" Ali Khamenei himself and brutal second son all the rest of their family have fled to Russia and have been lodged in a "palace" provided by Putin with Russian bodyguards.

They reportedly left one or two days after Ashoora and took with them a retinue of servants, maids and the most brutal of their bodyguards.

Putin has informed them they are welcome to stay as long as they wish.


Greg said...

alan, oh my god, if a moron like you is the "subject matter expert" on iran that totally explains why US policy has been so badly fucked up for the last 60+ years.

Alan Peters said...

Hello Greg,

Your taking it upon yourself to critique infers you DO have expertise.

Where were you all these years?

SADLY, my input was not part of the USA policy structure nor inside Iran or the Khomeini revolution may well have been snuffed out in the early stages.

The 60-years of US policy were almost all under the Democrat controlled Congresses (thus budget allocations) and the same idiotic liberal at best, socialist/Communist mindsets we have in place today ruled those decades.

Look in the mirror to lay blame.

Be well, be happy and get real.

Perhaps also post your qualifications to judge.

Opinions are fine but critiques require some basis of knowledge by the criticizer. There is only one Greg whom I know and who knows me, who has the expertise you seem to claim.

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