Saturday, February 06, 2010


Claiming Oba-Hussein had contributed nothing to Indonesia and did not deserve a public statue reserved for heros of the nation, the statue of Oba-Hussein as a boy wil be relegated from public view in a park and placed in the school where he attended for doing nothing to deserve it being in public.

The protest by Indonesians that he had contributed nothing to deserve this respect clearly clashes with his receiving the Nobel Peace prize for the same reason -  having contributed NOTHING to deserve it.

One kind Indonesian called him  a dreamer who had contributed nothing.

Even this Moslem country is waking up to how useless Oba-Hussein is at anything except having a big mouth and spouting campaign propaganda but unable to govern or implement the false promises of hope and change he throws at us. To fool us while he stabs our Constitutional freedoms and the Constitution itself in the back.

Obambi in Indonesia

Another activist - the pigeon below (smile)

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