Tuesday, February 09, 2010

DO YOU MISS BUSH? MORE AND MORE PEOPLE DO - take a look for yourself

As Obama's Change and Hope throws America off the edge off the cliff or under his bus, even those who said they wanted anything but Bush are now regretting their decision.

Watch for yourself!
2009 has been BRUTAL.

Just like in Iran in 1979, when the Soviets managed to incite an anti-Shah movement and a revolution (eventually stolen from the Soviet backed Islamist Marxist Mojaheddin and Fedayeen by the Khomeini Mullahs), here in the USA the same has happened and a patriot, mostly acceptable-to-reasonable-people,  Bush was replaced by the nation-detroying, useless-idiot,  Oba-Hussein, the American Khomeini.

Just as the Ayatollah Khomeini quickly did with lots of bloodshed (still missing in the USA situation but quite possibly on its way) annulling the freedoms of the Persian populace, Oba-Hussein swiftly does the same with his radical Czar appointments and new political councils reporting to no-one but him and stacked with his choices - like the Council of Governors.

This low level Chicago street thug, with no experience in governing and pulled around by his masters like Soros in marionette puppet fashion has sent America into a downward spiral nose spin to final destruction.

Sooner than you might think if the China threat this abject MORON has triggered to SELL OUT THEIR multi-billions HOLDINGS OF TREASURY BONDS as retaliation to our selling arms to Taiwan - and thus would almost certainly crash the dollar (much to Soros' delight and profit)- the value of our money could drop 40% almost overnight!

Nor would buying gold or silver help you survive. Someone has to have money to buy your precious metals from you - and WANT TO. And after everything crashes who might that be?

Also in this scenario remember that the Chinese NO LONG BUY our treasury bonds! We print more money and buy up our own debt!

80% of the last issue of Treasury Bonds (an offical IOU - I owe you) was "sold" publically by the " government" and "bought" by the Federal reserve. So we (our own government so to speak though not techincally accurate) are buying up OUR OWN DEBT because nobody else will!

The Dollar - or money in general - is a commodity like pork bellies or rice. Its value depends on supply and demand. When the supply of dollars (our treasury bonds sold by China) floods the market, their value and thus the dollar plummet like  a betrayed lover's heart.

As Hal Ketchum sings, "Are we past the Point of Rescue?"

Many are starting to believe we may be and misery and untold chaos will follow.

 And maybe the 12th Imam, whose attention Ahmadi-Nejad the Hojatieh adherent, wants to acquire and have the Imam of End Times return to redeem the world with a global Moslem Caliphate, will be attracted by the pain, misery, suffering and death (from hunger or suicide) that Oba-Hussein creates.

So there could be that silver lining (sarcasm) for what Oba-Hussein is doing to America and in a domino fashion to the world economy. Makes sense for a Moslem like Ob-Hussein to earn a place in paradise and his 72-virigns

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