Sunday, February 14, 2010


If you think radical Islam is not a threat here, think again. The Muslim Student Union at UCI has been permitted to create an atmosphere of anti-Israeli hatred, sponsor events to raise funds for Hamas, and has scheduled a "Hate Week" in May.

UCI President Drake has refused to do anything to suppress such behavior, maintaining that an attitude of free speech must prevail. I have attended such events at UCI and seen first hand how Muslims attempt to disrupt, terrorize, prevent free speech, and physically harass bystanders who object to their conduct.

In my opinion Dr. Drake needs to go. The MSU needs to be barred from campus, and students of any persuasion who engage in such conduct need to be arrested and suspended. If our universities are not teaching rational and respectful discussion and resolution of disagreements, they should be de-funded.

Muslim Student Associations exist on 600-700 U.S. colleges and universities.

Under the Obama Administration protection of Jihadists, they are now being formed in High Schools. We have them in six of our Orange Country high schools. These MSAs were formed by the Muslim Brotherhood for the specific purpose of recruiting students and radicalizing them to serve, upon graduation, in other Islamic front organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood and carry out their plans for the conquest of America from within, their formally stated intention.

And...the O.C. Register, while it did report the event, did not even identify the disrupters as Muslims!

Can you imagine the Media, White House and radical groups outcry and prosecutions for HATE SPEECH which would ensue if a bunch of Christians did this to a Moslem speaker? Or even to a gay one?

Wake up America and take your country back from Oba-Hussein! Vote out his Senate and Congressional support and disarm his radical Marxist-Islamist impositions on on our American cuture and beliefs.

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