Thursday, March 18, 2010


We have been receiving Emails, among the 200 to 300 we receive daily in at least two languages, mostly with information, asking if we are well and indicating a concern about the reduction in our daily posts. A factually correct comment.

We still get visitors from over 80 countries in some 30 languages but these have dropped to the low four figures because there have been gaps of several days in what we have posted. And the posts were sparse.

A wave of 'flu began this,  then a loss of sufficient energy  required for the many hours a day needed to operate the site properly.

Then came the centralization of three laptops into a new one, which has a different operating system. Simple enough technologically but very time consuming. Two of the three now completed, allowing a return to the Site needs. More or less. (smile).

Including merging/purging mailing lists of some thousand or more people, we contact occasionally.

While setting up  Dragon (voice to text) software and partlially sorting a four inch thick folder of notes for a non-fiction, political/social novel that is being written by us, a friend asked us to help set up a commercial operation for them (actually two).

Below all this came a welcome slew of assignments in the field of what we do to earn a living, allowing very little time/energy for the needs of the site.

By the way, we are looking for a serious publisher to whom to submit an outline and some sample chapters, so let us know if you have one whom might be interested. Self-publishing is always an option we have as a back up but not our first choice.

We never lack for material, only the time, which now seems to be coming together and we will be reverting to a normal volume of latest informantion and commentary.

Thanks to those who have stayed with us through this period. We should be ramping up the volume over the next week so stay tuned.

Meantime here is a video to keep you going, on the Islamic jihad inside Amercia. There are an estimated OVER 40,000 jihadi SUICIDE/Homicide bombers already in place in the USA waiting to be called into action.


More and an interactive internal terrorist map on

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Debbie said...

I hope you and your computers are better, rid of your bugs, and ready to go.

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