Monday, March 29, 2010


Since there is so much to read and study in these two books of sayings, religious instructions and Sharia behavior and contractual obligations, the link to this article and to the FULL TEXT of the  books  in English is now posted under the "blinking eye" graphic in the left hand column for easy repeated reference and educational purposes.

Note 1: someone, "almost certainly"  inside Google has already tried to corrupt the link to one of the books to hide the contents and we had to repair it.

Note 2: AGAIN someone "more certainly in Google" prevented the graphic below from loading through Google and another "repair" had to be made!

And they complain about Chinese censorship???

Doctor, heal thyself! Remove the bad apple in your tech department, who has awoken after an absence and AGAIN imposes his/her views, preferences. Let them start their own site to air their mindsets, not destroy/censor others'.

BE WELL, BE HAPPY AND THRIVE (while we all still can)

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