Wednesday, March 31, 2010


German & Farsi narration with English sub-titles

20-year old video surfaces showing Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini on his death bed and "pressured" vote to appoint current Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to his position.

Note: this plot was hatched between, (at that time) lowly cleric, Khamenei and Khomeini's son Ahmad (who was promptly murdered by Khamenei to hide the facts) and Rafsanjani co-operated with his parliamentary influence.

You had to be a Grand Ayatollah to assume the Supreme Ruler position and step into the shoes of the founder of the revolution, which with President Jimmuh the Idiot Carter's help still plagues the world.

Not to be outdone by Carter, Oba-Hussein insists on supporting the resulting Mullah regime and help them suppress their people and does his (clearly Moslem) best to assist their dream of wiping Israel off the face of the planet.

All the while threading increasingly parasitic Islamic 'sharia' into our culture riding into town on a Marxist-Islamist set of politically correct vehicles where only those dubbed "evil racists" dare to protest and they deserve to be marginalized - despite being an ever growing majority of the nation!

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