Friday, April 23, 2010


Includes three links to detailed examples of indelible Islamic incursions in Sweden , France and England (Londonistan) on Western cutures, jointly part of Eurabestan.

With Marxist-ISLAMIST Oba-Hussein imposing Islam on us as fast as he can, (on  behalf of his various Moslem puppet masters as much as for his own  beliefs) what you read there is already decaying our civilization.

This has little to do with whether you like or dislike Islam but whether you prefer to retain your existing/previous culture instead the cancerous one taking over your mind and body by threat, force and intimidation rather than a free choice that would relate more closely to a "religion" instead of a barbaric 7th century ideology, a "Mohammadan-ism", stealthily hiding under the guise of a religion.

Very similar to the Tudeh, finally banned Iranian Communist party admitted after the fall of the Shah, their intense efforts for political freedom were not to give the freedom to benefit the populace but to allow them to impose their Soviet philosophies onto Iran for Soviet Russia's benefit!

Islam is not for you to choose of your own free will but for them to IMPOSE to suit their "old testament" mindsets. And kill or enslave you if you refuse - or unable to buy your way out with their "jaziyah" (right to live) tax. RELIGION?

WAKE UP AMERICA! Under moron ideologue Oba-Hussein, America is being assailed in every which way and direction.

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