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With information from and about Islamic Iran often coming fast and furious, through a variety of channels, the results sometimes end up like the children's game we used to call "telephone". Several children would line up and someone would whisper a sentence in the first one's ear. That child would urgently pass on what they heard to the next and so on down the line. No repetitions allowed!

What was originally said and what the end result became was usually unrecognizable and hillarious.

And then there was the kid who would purposely mishear - repeating "disinformation".

With all the blocks and filters the Islamic regime puts up to prevent electronic  sharing of information and the risk of a death sentence for doing anything which disspleases the Mullahs, including speaking out or passing something to the West, what reaches most of us is often distorted.

But as the saying goes "if there's smoke there is  fire" so we often share what we hear with a clear caveat.

Here is what we have been getting this week.

1. The White House apparently hired an Iranian as a senior advisor on dealing with the Islamic Iran problem - purposely overlooking or simply ignorant of their being a paid Mullah Regime OPERATIVE.

Looking at the radicals and anti-American mindsets Oba-Hussein-Khomeini has brought into his White House and his pro-Islamic Iran regime stance against the people of Iran, I would submit the hire was with full knowledge of the advisor's allegiance.

With the same arrogance that trained  infiltrator Akbar Ganji was embraced by the CIA with Communist  Noam Chomsky's full assistance and had our secrets shared with him, Oba-Hussein probably thought that with his messianic influence he could turn the Mullah agent and get good information from him.

Luckily, after it was discovered the new advisor was sharing everything he saw and heard with the Mullah regime and was advising them on how to handle Oba-Hussein rather than the other way round, ALLEGEDLY a moment of sanity sparked and he REPORTEDLY was fired.

For those who observe, there is an almost daily new action to protect Moslem interests and increase their influence  in America and for anyone who still says OBA-HUSSEIN is not behaving like a good  Moslem, you live in La-La Land or in outer space. 

Of course,  since so much of his funding comes from Arab Moslem countries, including Islamic Iran, he could well be encouraged to be their paid puppet Dhimmi rather than deep Islamic beliefs since those can conflict with his Marxist tendencies.

Note, however, "Marxist-Islamist" has become a real political category since Ayatollah Khomeini did to Iran what Oba-Hussein-Khomeini is doing to the USA - both using the same Soviet playbook. Ayatollah Khomeini with directives and guidance from the Soviet Embassy in Tehran 1978/79 and Oba-Husssein from a collective of Communist and Socialist groups and organizations in the USA or soon to be USSA (United Socialist States of America).

Islamic Jihad groups and Islam itself -  which in so many ways resemble dictatorial Communism, other than their "man in charge" is called Allah and not a Kommisar also push for power and influence, which Oba-Hussein gladly gives them in his mission to CHANGE the USA into the USSA even if he destroys us in the process.

2. In an effort to protect their Kharg Island oi/lshipping facilities and tanker loading terminal,s and jetties,  which provides export access to open water even if or when the Persian Gulf is blocked, the Mullahs have sold the island! Not the land but everything on it for a reported $12.5 Billion, to an as yet undeclared FOREIGN country. Russia and China come to mind.

They hope in this way to discourage or prevent any attack on their oil lifeline, since this would involve the BEST "interests"  of that nation and bring pressure on Israel or the West.

3. After waiting in vain, for Prince Reza Pahlavi, heir to the Persian throne to do something to get the country back into sane hands and remove it from oppressive and murderous Islamic regime control, a former member of the late-Shah's twin sister, Princess Ashraf's Secretariat (Jahanshahi or Javanshiri ??) is setting up a government in exile. Finallly!!!!

Apparently with an operating  budget of $100 million with which to achieve this.

Two things come to mind here:

a) Mullah Rafsanjani, the world's 14th richest man and provider of funding for the Green revolution which overstepped original intentions and went against Islamic jurisprudence (the Mullah regime set up by Iran's Khomeini, of which Rafsanjani is and always  was, a key player) has recently come under vicious attack from the ruling Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the former Revolutionary Guard commander, President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad.

Below the surface, the paramilitary Revolutionary Guard has taken over Islamic Iran, though in the process a new recent  directive will PRIVATIZE many business corporations and take it out of the Ivisible RGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps).

Here again the action is a defensive one as the West is moving to sanction the IRGC, which currrently owns and runs almost every major industrial project in Iran and has already blocked much of the  IRGC available banking channels. If disperesed to private "ownership", which will be selected IRGC  approved persons, disqualifying their transactiopnhs could become too hard to handle.

Rafsanjani children including his fiery daughter, have been arrested and  the regime has announced they will soon be putting Rafsanjani himself on trial for his support and part he played in the anti-Mahmoud Ahmnadi-Nejad election protest by the Green movement.

I would posit the funds for a government in exile may originate with Rafsanjani, who now has his life at risk. An almost certain death sentence since the regime stripped him of his 'ayatollah" title which would have prevented him bein hanged. As was the case with Khomenei.

For background read the articles beneath the blinking eye graphic in the left hand columnn of our Main Page. More specifically "The Mullah threat not Sinking In" and "can the USA avoid attacking Iran".

Back in 2006 AntiMullah proposed a governmenbt in exile and a "Sandblasting Operation" as pasted below:

For some time now, nobody in power in the USA, nor in Europe seems to be able to think outside the box or even to set in motion anything to remove the clerics, who now threaten civilization, not just the USA and Western culture.

But I'm not here to criticize, only to propose a viable solution with a still familiar yet creative box.

Specially in the light of a battered, no longer effective student or any other anti-Mullah movement in or out of the country nor any charismatic figure behind which those inside Iran can rally.

Proponents of using the Ukraine "Orange" revolution methodology have gone on record to suggest using "green" - THE COLOR OF ISLAM - as the Iranian Orange, so even ideas with some potential merit, though only if tailored down to minutia to fit the country and culture instead of a general concept that worked in a totally different environment and level or repression, appear to be "mis-thought" out in advance.

The recent "selection" of Ahmadi-Nejad as President of Iran has opened a door that wasn't there before - for removing the Mullah regime in several steps - (brevity for this posting prevents expanding much on headings but others can sit and expand on the concept portrayed here. I'd be glad to participate with any serious authorities who can get something done):
1. Get Rafsanjani out of there before they kill or arrest him for corruption, then isolate or kill him.

Canada where he has large development interests offers other advantages, too, to center his forthcoming activities. (Tactical rather than strategic). (Ignore Rafsanjani's call for unity inside Iran, he has no choice but to say this to stay in one piece).

2. Offer him support to contest the "election" result he recently lost and for him to form a "government in exile" to oppose the current regime (from his base in Canada). he is enough of a pragmatist to become a player with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow offered him.

3. Link him up with the Mojaheddin Khalgh - MEK (currently designated a terrorist organization based on Clinton trying to appease the clerics) and thus provide Rafsanjani with a double approach and a motivated strike force for later entry back into Iran. A less than happy but still a practical "coalition" for both parties that can be expected to be conditionally accepted on a pragmatic basis. Neither of these two can expect Western support otherwise. (Again details, advantages and drawbacks of the coalition require more space than can reasonably be used in this posting).

4. In return, promise USA (and to the extent possible Western) support if they quickly identify and REVEAL and once in power, drop all plans for nuclear sites and ambitions. (MEK will happily continue to do so). Russia will be miffed financially. But the nuclear advancement will stop, specially with MEK to ensure Rafsanjani plays it straight. And the consequent in-fighting that will scuttle covert plans.

5. After they do get into power, they will soon try to destroy each other as a matter of course - (or can be easily incited/encouraged to do so). Rafsanjani mullahs, even with the Reformists, cannot be the future of Iran, Neither can the MEK, which can muster an estimated 100,000 followers - boots on the ground inside Iran. Individually neither group has enough strength, together they can rapidly sandblast the country clean for future generations and democracy. Neither truly supports the other to establish a durable co-operation.

6. In about two, maybe three years, vacuum up the debris and have a clean slate for future democracy in Iran with neither weakened "coalition" partner able to stop it. Probably the least blood shedding of any scenario and done by supporters of Rafsanjani and the MEK, neither of which are needed for the future of the country and thus do not need to keep their hands free of blood as would a Monarchy, or any other democratic movement.

Please notice simplicity of language (no effort to be erudite or a guru) and intentional lack of detailed exposition. Including how best to persuade 70-year old Rafsanjani to come on board (I doubt he will put up much resistance other than demanding monetary returns on projects he presently has for his family and heirs) and the MEK has already asked for a chance to govern Iran for six months before holding elections as their pre-condition. I'm providing the strategy concept not the detailed tactics - though I could help furnish some of that, too. If nobody will think outside the box, here is a sufficiently "familiar" box within which to think and be successful.

Even with this premature heads up to the enemy. Want to bet they'll take the gamble to get into power despite knowing what the aftermath plan is? The only serious fly in the ointment at this point might be the risk of President Putin of Russia deciding to later provide full Russian support for the Marxist Mojaheddin (and Fedayeen or various similar Iranian groups) and impede Western efforts to pull them out by the roots.

The Soviets provided enormous support in 1979 to the MEK, which was the real instigator of the Khomeini revolution. (I was there at the time "before and after" till I was helped out). By contrast the Ayatollahs and the fervent military Ahmadi-Nejad secular colleagues won't be removable in a matter of two or three years and Iran will have nuclear weapon capability, which will make future chances of removing them even more remote. Not so with operation "sandblast" outlined above.

UPDATE: The above needs a tweak or two to bring it up to date BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT FIRST STEP is really to get an agreed CONSTITUTION FOR IRAN - without any religious ASPECTS in it. Remove religion and religious powers that have previously been incorporated even 100 years ago in a revision for a Constitutional Monarchy from any text for the New Iran.

But I digress.

Efforts to form an exile government , under way in France, may be analyzed as an indirect slap in the face to Reza Pahlavi though he is probably involved behind the scenes with his rather ill Aunt's efforts.  He has been working hard in Paris to form coalitions and may need to stay out of any exile government to avoid tainting it with a purely "royalist" stamp thus to the possible exclusion of other political groups.

Or an obstacle could be Reza Pahlavi's father-in-law, who was a member of the National Front, student opposition to the Monarchy and currently works closely with the Mullah regime and has huge construction projects INSIDE IRAN with Mullah regime partners!

Thus everything that goes on around him reaches the Mullahs in Iran within  MINUTES!!

Specially with Colonel Oveissi, brother of the late, very loyal  Imperial Guard commander General Oveissi  esconced there and recent new owner of a shopping mall. Neither he nor his family has nor had the money to make such an investment and the funds reportedly came from the Mullah regime which has apparently bought him.

Keeping RP's retinue of tainted people out of proximity of the new exile government may also make good intelligence and counter-inteligence sense.

RP's wife Yasaman (Jasmine) will accompany Empress Farah to a $300 a plate fund raiser for children, in Los Angeles on March 14th at the  Beverly Hilton hotel, but warnings have reached us that the Mullah regime has hired and bribed regular press  photographers to take a mutlitude of photos of the guests so that they can be identified as royalist supporters and new dossiers opened on any who have not previously been tagged.

Here again, this could be an effort to prevent the fund raiser being a success by scaring off potential guests, specially Persians who have family  back home or may later wish to travel to Iran and then  be arrested for anti-regime activity. The Mullahs could not care less that the funds would go to help children.

They are eerily afraid of the royalist movement and their ability to legitimately replace them.

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