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Although the FIRST video narration is in Persian, the visuals of this palatial restaurant is well worth the look.

The video does not always load easily and often states "the embed has been...." and requires a click on the start video arrow in the bottom left hand corner - or a double click on the screen or on the YouTube logo in the bottom right hand corner.

It cost millions and several years to build and the likelihood of ownership by one of the top Mullahs, who have invested so heavily in property and luxury hotels on the other side of the Persian that they are the main land owners. Perhaps in partnerships with the ruling Sheikhs.

While on this subject, the human slave/sex trade auctions  that used to take place nightly in the Mullah owned Dubai luxury hotel basements seem to have moved to Iraq into brothels!

Orphans, abandoned women forced into the streets without any means of earning a living or girls sent by their indigent families into the care of deceiving Mullah clerics promising to care for them,   who used to be kidnaped and sold in the Dubai hotels are now being simply shipped to Iraq into bordellos or for enslaved prostitution by the Iranian Mullahs in partnership with Shia Iraqis (mostly under Moqtada al-Sadr's initial control) and shipped throughout the country. Including Sunni Kurdish areas, where Turkey has a strong presence.

The level of misleading superstition of Iran's totaly totally uneducated Shia mullahs (except in reciting the Koran and preaching death to everyone but themselves) has recently appeared with a formal edict by one of the SENIOR Mullahs in Iran saying that earthquakes are caused "women failing to wear their hejabs/scarves to cover their hair appropriately". Seriously, not a joke.

This was too much even for the most hardline Ayatollah Janati, who mocked the religious edict as an emotional reaction!

Meanwhile, President AhmadiNutjob is floating his idea of moving FIVE MILLION people (out  of Tehran's 12 or so million population) out of the city BECAUSE of earthquake danger.

Which five million would he select? Is he worried about saving his pals from an earthquake or an attack by Israel and/or the West on nuclear facilities built under population centers, many under government office buildings?

And here comes a clue. To prevent a sudden elimination of governance should a major attack take place on Tehran, he has already moved one government ministry (US Department equivalence) some 40 miles west to Karadj and built a small town with residential sections for employees.

The five million would firstly,  probably be a removal of central government to distant suburbs. While Karadj is a separate city, population expansion has almost joiuned it to Tehran.

Then, speculating  (intel take note), moving the population located above underground nuclear sites. (Sorry if I have just condemned them to now reconceal this possible original motivation).

In closing, Oba-Hussein's almost frantic efforts to please his Moslem backers all over the world with PRO-ISLAM edicts and actions and official high level administration appointments including - or specially - in Homeland Security policy levels, are inviting the Islamic fanatical aspects into our daily lives. Based on equally superstitious, violent - not peaceful - aspects of Mohammadanism.

Imagine havng to follow Sharia edicts like in Somalia, where musin has been banned from the airwaves and as of a few days ago, rfadioj stations are forbidden to have ANY music - nor can music be played anywhere in the country without the risk of death. As is the case with en tertainment movies

Note: music  CD's have been banned in Islamic Iran for decades but the freedom seeking populace has resisted the laws.

Meanwhile in Moslem Pakistan, a Pakistani Christian couple has  been condemned to 25-years in prison for touching a Koran with unwashed hands!!! And have been sent to prison and have started serving their sentences.

This is what Oba-Hussein is promoting and encouraging in the USA with his import of tens of thousands of Palestians with your tax money and unlinking, ever more unrealisticaly and defiantly, Islam and terrorism - despite every piece of evidence to the contrary .

AND in a "reverse profiling" policy where it is forbidden to accuse Islam of ANYTHING - ignoring live video evidence - or any evidence that does not suit Islam's promoters. 

Fine examples of Islamic Sharia law infiltrating our society and justice system under Oba-Hussein, the usurper of the White House and in my opinion increasingly clearly a Moslem himself with Marxist-Islamist mindsets, which are being intentionally used (not just moronic ignorance) to destroy America.

You may not be there yet but will be when the effect of the loony-tunes Bills and policies being passed without being read or really knowing what is in them come into force and ouch! They will hurt. Perhaps fatally to your well being and ability to survive in his vefsion of Communist America. Nor were you in Iran and totally in the loop  around the time of  the Khomeini/Soviet take over of power to see what is happening to us here today, with Marxist-Islamist Oba-Hussein-Khomeini is a replay of Ayatollah Khomeini's tactics and strategy.

You are all watching Oba-Hussein's powergrab of civilian and soon enough military America (with his million person Civilian Security Force reporting DIRECTLY to him) but apparently unable to recognize what you are seeing - for the first time ever in  your lifetime of in the USA ever.

Talk about sedition! It's not Glenn Beck who deserves that accusation.

Perhaps as a larger segment of America wakes up and takes an interest in their own future, evaluates and analyzes just what is being done to them and the consequences, cases like Blagoyevich's will be allowed to go forward and elicit sworn testimoney nobody has been permitted to even approach.

Let's also see what convicted felon Reznik has testified to the FBI on Obama matters. And will it count as he is a convicted felon and can be ruled to be unreliable legally.

By the way: did anyone see an Illinois Congressman today ask for the National guard to be called up in Chicago to help police fight crime in a city suburb?

This is the breeding ground for the whole senior Oba-Hussein administration and their mayor Daley thuggery is part and parcel of their mindsets and tactics. With additional radical, weird philosophies added-on.

As an ironic commentary, Voice of America (VOA), despite being labelled Mullah Voice by Iranians, has been jammed by the regime inside Islamic Iran, so not even pro-Mullah merssages are getting through and Hotbird satellite, used by Persian radio and TV broadcasts, initially lost picture capability and as of late April 23rd night audio also disappeared.

Wake Up America and listen to Rick's suggestion:

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