Friday, April 16, 2010


A relatively new organization "shir zanaan-eh Iran" = Lionesses of Iran has formed to help and guide Iran's browbeaten, suppressed and oppressed women in the face of the horrible servitude itno which they find themselves thrown - as are may of their children.

Divorce in the Mullah regime is a matter of throwing the woman out of the house with a thrice stated "I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you" and her belongings thrown into the street behind her! NO! This is not an exaggeration.

Meanwhile the husband dotes on his new young wife,who replaced her. Or on his third or fourth wife he has introduced into his home to pleasure and serve him.

Just the capital city of Tehran has over 300,000 homeless street women who have nowhere to go, no jobs and join some 700,000 homeless children who also live on the streets.

Orphanages that existed under the late Shah were all closed down decades ago as a useless expense.

The Lionesses are an activist/feminist group which wants to return some power to Irfan's women, who traditionally have been the "power behind the throne" but are now abused sex objects/property of the husband.

One directive the Lionesses are suggesting to frighten Iranian men into behaving in a more "civilized" fashion is to suggest that if the husband decides to take a second or third or fourth wife or abuses his first wife, for her/them to boil a large pan of water and pour it on his genitals when he is asleep.

They propose that this only be done if the pouring person/team has somewhere to which to flee as retribution, including a severe beating or even being killed could follow this act.

However, the uncivilized husband will either remember the lesson for life or even bephysically  "emasculated" forever.

The Lionesses are gathering funds/donstions and offering shelter and living costs inside Iran to women who fight back in this way and are structuring helping them out of Iran and into host countries, which will give them amnesty.

Last year, AntiMullah suggested to abused wives  add saltpeter to the food of husbands who go gadding arond with other women or remarry younger wives.

Within two weeks you could not buy saltpeter in Tehran stores! The shelves had been cleared by women but mostly by the male dominatged government trying to prevent this mode of retaliation being available to women.

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