Thursday, April 01, 2010


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Very occasionally we find something we acquire for our own use and discover it is worth sharing with others... worldwide.

This is one of those moments. This Asus 1201N (the brand Nerds like to use) is the third one we have bought.

The Asus (10" screen and REAL LIFE 10.5 hour battery life) Windows XP
bought a few months ago is a very decent little  unit for web browsing and even  Microsoft Office uses. But it was not strong enough to use Dragon Speaking (voice to text) software we bought to write a book, so we got the 1201N Netbook on steroids....

Here are the basic specs -

-12.1" 1366x768 (WXGA)
-Intel ATOM 330 1.6GHz Dual Core + NVIDIA ION Graphics
-2GB DDR2 RAM (upgradable to 8GB)
-250GB HHD (+500GB Internet Storage)
-Windows 7 Home Premium (Windows 7 Home Premium Preloaded ASUS Exclusive Utility: Super Hybrid Engine, SW:MS Works, MS Office 60-day Trial - Requires license to activate)
-802.11 b/g/n
-Integrated Bluetooth
--Up to 5 hour run time (Battery does not quite live up to this but recharge is very quick. A spare battery is now available. And the A/C adapter is small and portable)
-0.3MP Web cam with Digital Mic
-Built-in Stereo Speakers
-Video Ports: 1 (HDMI) & 1 (D-sub 15 pin)
-Audio jacks: 1 in/ 1 out
-3 USB 2.0 Ports
-Memory Card reader: MMC/SD(SDHC)
-10/100 Mbps / RJ-45
-3.21 lbs (with Battery)/ 11.65" x 8.19" x 1.07"~1.31" thin and about the size of a sheet of paper)
-1 Year Global Warranty, (6 months for battery, 30 days Zero Brite Dot Guaranteed)
-Color: Black (available now) Silver (back ordered till December) (PortableOne managed to get us one right away)

Customizable with lots of options

The 1201N Atom 330 processor is a DUAL CORE table top Intel inside this very light 12", great, clean display NETBOOK, into whIch we consolidated three other laptops and which is now our main unit. Generally crisp reaction times with this visually "cute toy" unit, which has received excellent reviews across the Internet.

Instead of a larger optional 7200 RPM hard drive, we settled for a Turbo state of the art SOLID STATE HARD DRIVE. Only 120Gb but no moving parts, no spinning disc, and NO NEED TO DEFRAGMENT - in fact do not ever defragment as it can damage the hard drive.

It added a rather large $570 or so to the unit price but increases battery life somewhat. Getting 4 Gb of memory installed (for the Dragon software) added to the price, which was way over what is needed for this unit with basic configuration.

For more details and lots of other laptops go to  Ask for Scott or Patrick. 1-800-650-4006 or 925-924-0558

They repair and service laptops for Asus and other manufacturers so provide an excellent FRIENDLY technical backup service if/when needed.

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