Sunday, April 11, 2010


While Moslem groups like CAIR or NIAC insist that any activity that contravenes their cultural desires couched in the name of Islam is against-Islam, they feel free to trample rough shod over the cultures and logical customs and decisions of their host countries. And whine when they are not immediately accomodatged. Or try to sue to IMPOSE their Moslem ideas on a Christian country and population, in which they are a NEW FOUND miniority and not a long standing presence.

This pressure on indigenous cultures to change their ways to meet Islamic mores becomes an invasion as the new sector of generally immigrant additions grows and bullies freedom loving nations into rejecting their own customs and bowing to  the new bullies, who insist on their own minority ones becoming dominant.

In the name of freedom (as we know it), the New Moslems curtail and destroy those very freedoms under which they operate - for everyone else but themselves. They demand freedoms for themselves that neither their customs (they barely qualify, if at all, as a "religion" in the face of their all inclusive socio-political structure) will allow for anyone else, except themselves.

As an example, imagine what if, in a similar fashion, Hispanic, Russian or other ethnic gangs in the USA insisted they were to be treated differently because of their ehtinic origins and customs.

Muslim doctors and nurses are to be allowed to opt out of strict hygiene rules introduced by the NHS to restrict the spread of hospital superbugs. Female staff who follow the Islamic faith will be allowed to cover their arms to preserve their modesty despite earlier guidance that all staff should be "bare below the elbow". The Department of Health has also relaxed rules prohibiting jewellery ... The rules were drawn up to reduce the number of patients who were falling ill, and even dying, from superbugs such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile.

Islam appears to be putting the mental comfort  of their adherents over that of their patients! So they fall ill and die - so what ? They are for the most part  unbelievers and should not even be allowed to exists let alone receive  "hygienic" healthcare.

Obeying Allah supercedes any of that and as has been stated by senior clerics, if any scientific discovery is not in the Koran (written 1,400 years ago) then it is a lie since Allah has mentioned everything that exists inside the Koran.

The riposte that not ALL clerics or proponents of Islam think or speak in this manner in no way reduces the weight of this as those that do, the most fanatical and recently called jihadis promote this attitude and are the most strident and VIOLENT. Those that do not preach that way are the tiny MINORITY.

The "silent majority" of Moslems in Western countries, who in truth do not act, nor generally think in this way are of little import since they can neither influence their religious leaders nor dare to stand in opppsition as this immediately brands them as apostates and worthy of death!

Inside Moslem countries death or decades of prison quickly follow - read the Moslem news media - but we are still able to avoid most of this savagery in the West - though "honor killings" are on the rise.

Quite recently in Pakistan, a Chrisitian Pakistani was sentenced to 30-years in prison on a trumped up charge of insulting the Koran. The point is not it was trumped up within Pakistani jurisprudence but that you COULD be sent to prison almost for life for insulting the book.

Imagine being condemned to ANY prison time for insulting the BIBLE! Yet this is a common enough charge in Moslem countries, with a potential DEATH sentence in some circumstances and coming to your neighborhood if you allow Sharia law to permeate your system of jurisprudence. Not for insulting YOUR own bible but someone else's Koran. (Note Gitmo accusations).

Perhaps believably denied to a naive populace within the broadly Christian minded societies of the USA and the West, but for those who have travelled inside or lived in Moslem countries or follow jihadi influence in their own or other nations, Islam being a "religion of peace" rather than "body pieces" is a joke.

There is more blood being shed around the world in the name of Islam, or for Islamic tenets than for other reasons. Anti-Russian Chechnya, Chinese Moslem regions, Taleban, Indian and Pakistani massacres, Iraqi Sunni and Shia clashes as well as Somalian or other North African Islamic movements like the Salafis all have underpinnings of Moslem efforts to impose their Islamic views (often conradictory among themselves) on local peoples and regions.

If they were not militant and attacking those around them, how many of these would be under direct attack themselves and - as often claimed "defending themselves"? Rarely does any Western group prevent a Moslem from practising Islam in private as other religions tend to do - except when the "practise" involves IMPOSING their views, sometimes violently,  on others who neither grew up with Islamic agendas nor beliefs.

A Moslem in New York is suing a hotel chain for saying it will only hire "clean shaven" employees for a public view position. Would a lazy, unshaven Christian be hired? No. So where is there any discrimination? Yet the Moslem insists HE should be hired - against any other policy considerations - though nobody else would be.

That is typical Islamic discrimination against all but themselves. All stays peaceful as long as you concede to their demands. By "their" read the fanatical, jihad leaders, who have found they can bully host governments into ceding to them. As the Moslem second-generation minorities acquire host country nationality and voting rights, as increasingly the case in England and some other European countries, this bullying approach has entered the political arena with a vengeance.

Regular mass car burnings in Paris or concentrated Moslem enclaves in Sweden, where schools with hundreds of students do not have a SINGLE original ethnic Swede in them.

Without the "cover" of "religion" the thuggish activities would be subject to legal penalties in most countries.

For example a Moslem throwing a shoe as an intended insult is now ALLOWED in England as a sign of Moslem protest and will not be a crime. Not as part of an Islamic or Koranic law but an Islamic "custom". Even if the "shoe" is a ski-boot and sends a politician or policeman at whom it is aimed to hospital? Recently a thrown stick came under this Islamic "protection" guideline.

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