Sunday, May 02, 2010


Thanks to loyal visitors for your visits, friend and foe both, as we get both -  while we were not posting and on assignment since last Monday.

Our focus becomes distracted when we receive short notice, active assignments, often without the means to post while doing them.

In any event we are back for a while so please check back regularly as we may be able to get some printable breaking news in the process. Sometimes not.

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The English Defence League, continues to fight against the attempted Islamic takeover of the UK. One of the problems though, is that they are fighting against their own government as well. In the short video below, check out Gordon Brown’s pathetic speech on Islam. Brown is a another big time Islamophile. Who is gutless, and living in a far left fantasy land. Like Obama, he is part of the problem.

12 EDL demonstrators were arrested for anti-Islam activity - as if Islam is an ideology, which does not slander, libel and defame and threaten all of us.

And buys its way into power with threats on our lives and with money, not with  logical, friendly persuasion.

Here is a view of the gathering up of donations from supertitious Shias inside the tomb cage by workers at Imam Reza's shrine in Mashhad.

Barack Hussein Obama is the only person who thinks he has the lion just where he wants them......from inside the lion.

The absolute lunacy of his Persian kitty policy is certifiable.

Obama now had decided that "sanctions" means that American, French, British and Japanese businesses are barred from making profits with Iran, but German, Russian and Chinese companies can do business with Islamocommunists.

This is the extent of Obama well thought out policy. As Jews are waiting around to be incinerated, along with New York City in an Ahmadinejad tantrum, Obama covert policy has been enticing Persian nuclear bomb makers...

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