Sunday, May 16, 2010


How in heaven did you vote for this Usurper?

How did nobody in the country believe the facts?

He clearly signalled his intentions for TOTAL change/destruction of life as we know and love it.

Why are so few challenging this cuckoo bird's right to be in his position?

It may be a challenge to remove him from office with the Judicial branch refusing to hear the VALID cases against him


Vote out the Democrat incumbents in the Senate and Conress and elect people who DO NOT want America to be like the
Soviet Union and Nazi Germany
(read about them if you are too young to know much on this)

This will BLOCK the budgets Oba-Hussein needs to use to continue destroying America and help save the country.

NOT SURE that is what he is doing?
Listen/View to the "must view, must view" article below

Oba-Hussein might well be declared an illegal squatter in the Oval Office, who ends up  being removed in handcuffs
(more likely than you may imagine with lawsuits piling up)

BUT without money allocated to his Communist projects by Congress, he cannot proceed LEGALLY.

When has he ever followed the U.S. Constitutional laws he flouts?

Passing a 2,000 page Healthcare Bill NOBODY had read is just one of his thuggish methods.

Would you sign a life altering/shattering  business contract without reading it?

To please Obama and grab power a treasonous Congress and the Senate, who forget they work for you, did just this on your behalf without consulting you.

Actually AGAINST your loudly stated but ignored wishes.

Vote them out of office! Give America a chance to survive this cancerous attack by Oba-Hussein.

If not, expect to have to deal with a loaf of  bread costing $120 (one hundred and twenty dollars). This has happened in Germany and parts of Europe when their economies collapsed.

We are on the brink of catastrophe with the spending of the Obama administration crashing us into an unrecoverable debt.

He has already thrown us off the cliff even right now and we are probably "past the point of rescue".

We simply have not YET crashed and splattered and need the parachute he desperately prevents us getting with his policies doing as much damage as he can  before the November 2010 elections.

Also. if you do not vote out the Senate and Congress, expect to live under Martial Law after he declares a war (probably on Israel) but any country - or even on Americans who opposed him and are suddenly labelled "terrorists" - which will do as an excuse for a "state of emergency" to legally suspend the Constitution and elections he side-doors anyway, declare martial law and rule by decree.

And quite likely will imprison his opponents in camps like in Nazi Germany  and Russian goolags (or even Japanese internment in the USA). Even executing anyone he decides to permanently remove from the scene.

Tens of thousands of Palestinian "refugees" he is importing to the USA with nearly ONE BILLION of your tax dollars, SEIU union and ACORN thugs and some Black Panthers will form the backbone of his One Million person Civilian Security Force he is forming to replace the military, which swears  an oath of allegiance to the Constitution while the Civilian force would swear an oath to obey the Presidency!

Ayatollah Khomeini did all this in Iran.

I was there and as a consultant for the Shah's military in J2/G2 (military intelligence and counter-intelligence) and  spent at least four days a week in their HQ trying to confront the 13 Soviet psychologists who micro-managed the revolution from their Tehran embassy. 

The Khomeini revolution which overthrew the monarchy came out of the Soviet playbook.

What is happening in the USA is a step by step repeat of the "Ayatollah Khomeini revolt" (actually a Marxist-Islamist upheaval from the Soviet playbook using the Mojaheddin and Fedayeen as implementers) only this time, here,  it is run by Oba-Hussein-Khomeini- USING THE SAME SOVIET PLAYBOOK. Page by page.

Having been involved on a daily basis with the Iran revolution, the similarity or parallel of what is being done to us in the USA is startlingly clear and "Déja-vu"!

Naive Americans, just like simpleton Iranians fell for the slogans that both the "khomeinis" and their surrogates - using Marxist-Islamist tactics and strategy have thrown at them.

BOTH nations already have or will suffer extreme pain and misery, Iran already awash in the blood of opponents of the regime and the USA on the edge of it as consequences of their inexperience and inability to recognize the wolf in sheep's clothing they have let into their hearts and homes.

The only difference I can see between the Iran situation and what Oba-Hussein-Khomeini is doing to the USA is American bloodshed has not started yet. Nothing much appears to indicate that the thuggish mindsets of Oba-Hussein will stop short of this if push comes to shove and he brings his gun to a knife fight.


BTW have you realized that generally the only Press and Media outside the USA, which still praise Obama are Arab newspapers?

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