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In just over a month from today, in a replay of the protest over the selection - as opposed to the election - of usurper Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad as Islamic Iran's president, at a recent meeting held by Green Movement leaders a call was put out for protesters to hit the streets again.

These "leaders", Mousavi, Karoubi, Khatami and Rafsanjani (all with rivers of blood on their own hands) are NOT against the Islamic regime - only against the current administration under Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his stooge Ahmadi-Nejad, the latter - a former Guard commander - backed to some extent by the para-military Revolutionary Guard, which is the "eminence grise" (power behind the throne), controlling large portions of the economy through major sweetheart industrial contracts.

Senior clerics have splintered badly into conflicting groups, most of them increasingly opposed to the Supreme Ruler, who has resorted to importing some 15,000 dangerous criminals from Palestinian prisons to bolster/create his own core of lethal Arab Bassiji suppression forces without any loyalty to Iran or Iranians at large.

And happy to maim or kill them for the going monthly pay of about $5,000 at his orders.

Shades of Oba-Hussein, who is importing tens of thousands of Palestinians with a nearly ONE BILLION dollar budget to relocate them in the USA as "REFUGEES" with paid travel, food, housing and monthly stipend.

Refugees from what? Their own people he so solidly supports and favors against all comers? Including against Americans?

These so called refugees are not culled from prison populations as in Iran but please note:

Palestinian/HAMAS children - from a very early age of five or six
years old are taught to KILL without mercy or pity.

School children have a special school day when boys are given a small puppy and forced to strangle and kill it with their bare hands, while being told it represents the Israeli enemy and the American big Satan, so deserve to die.

Girls are assembled around chopping blocks on which snakes (which already frighten them) are placed and have to chop off their heads with axes/cleavers, to kill the enemy - as above.

Both genders are encouraged to become volunteer suiciders and for this to become their main motivation for their future life. Personal sacrifice to destroy the enemy.

And beholden to Oba-Hussein for offering them a far better life than under their own brutal regimes, his enemies in the USA psychologically become theirs.

Far more similar to Iran, though, is Oba-Hussein's:

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set,” he said Wednesday. “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.” (Swearing their oath of allegiance to him (presidency), not the Constitution as does the military).

He’s not going to just pull such a force out of thin air! Hello SEIU (see video below), hello ACORN, hello Palestinians, hello Jihadists, hello Moslem Brotherhood, hello Black Panthers, hello every thuggish group he can bribe or incite to attack "we the people" if we dare oppose him.

SEIU staff disrupted a group of healthcare workers and union supporters meeting peacefully in the cafeteria of Garden Grove Hospital. This video shows SEIU staffer Lisbeth Castillo yelling at a hospital employee and spouting obscenities before lunging at an NUHW volunteer and striking him.

More videos:

Direct quote from the SEIU bylaws.
We must organize unorganized Healthcare workers, extending to them the gains of unionism while securing control over the Healthcare industry.

Meanwhile back in Iran, the Mullahs set an example that Oba-Hussein emulates - outright, barefaced lies and disinformation to fool the people about what he and his gang are achieving.

The Mullahs, who in 31-years of their regime have built about 1,000 miles of railroads inside Iran now announce that they will have OVER 10,000 miles of NEW railroad built in the next 12-months!

Oba-Hussein flavor of change which cannot be acomplished but intended to fool with false hope?

As one Iranian TV station owner (not a royalist) commented: "the other father" (Reza Shah, founder of the Pahlavi dynasty) used a "two cent tax" on sugar and built thousands of miles of railroad from one end of the country to the other. Because the patriotic monarch wanted it to happen for the benefit of his people, not for any kickbacks.

A Polish representative of industrial steel provided/sold the rails and added  know-how to help make it a success.

On the subject of corruption, Reza Shah discovered that his Minister of Finance, our Geithner equivalent had wasted and mis-appropriated national funds while bankrupting the nation's treasury. And all his employees were as bad or worse.

With his practical approach to problems he was more interested in recovering the stolen money for the country than simply punishing the thieves so he had his trusted people do an investigation.

Then one morning, when the Ministry employees showed up for work, they were escorted down into the building's extensive basement by Reza Shah's crack Cossack troops and told to take off their trousers and underpants.

A one foot or so wide, long iron pipe with metal handles welded every few feet had been installed and they were told to sit astride it and were manacled to the handles.

They quickly discovered he had ordered the pipe filled with ice and their discomfort soon became intolerable. When they protested or complained, one of his officers would approach and ask how much  money that person had stolen and comnpared the answer to a list.

If the amount complied closely enough to what was on the investigation list, the employee (all title levels) was asked to sign a promissory note to pay and asked how long it would take him to pay it back and released with instructions to return ALL the money by the end of an agreed time period.

This practical approach was partly inherited by his son, the late-Shah.

When an investigation into corruption at the Ministry of Labor showed the Minister had pocketed some $40 million in bribes and a furor ensured when he was not removed from his post the monarch told his confidants this answer:

"By the time we detailed the amounts, they had been transferred overseas and were unrecoverable by us. The prison term to which the courts would sentence him would be over in a few years and he would be free to go overseas and enjoy the fruits of his theft.

He has been in his job for some ten years and has learned how to do it properly - even if dishonestly - but he will no longer dare to steal, knowing we are watching him.

I want him at his desk every morning at 6 a.m. serving the people with his experienced skills, while wondering when the sword of Damocles I now hold over him might fall. 

Plus, how long might it take to catch the new Minister who replaces him and is far more cautious, should he be tempted into corruption.

This is a far better resolution and a more onerous sentence than prison."

Oba-Hussein's  focused efforts to silence the opposition to his power grabs and nation destroying fiscal and economical policies echo those of Supreme Ruler Khamenei with the only difference the bloodshed already shed by the Mullah and explicit threats of more of the same, which Oba-Hussein could not easily carry out in the USA, no matter how much he might wish to.

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