Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Russia gets a far  better deal than we did in the recent arms pact with the USA  and now China tightens the noose on our military capability.

How much longer  can the useless morons we have in the White House and Administration continue to RUIN our nation and weaken our ability to defend ourselves?

We disclose the secrets of our nuclear arms (providing exact numbers), we undermine our only true ally, Israel, in the Middle East to the level of it becoming an enemy, while Oba-Hussein panders to his Islamists, who are NOT our friends though they may be his.

Vote all his supporters out of Congress and Senate and thus cripple Oba-Hussein's ability - by denying him budgets provided by the Legislative branch - to cripple the USA in favor of foreign interests. Not just Russia, China and Moslem nations but even Soros investment areas like Brazil.

We are investing in Brazilian projects which we refuse to fund in the USA!!

Interest in Rare Earths is starting to heat up in a dramatic fashion, and it something you should keep on your radar.

It turns out that you can’t build a hybrid or electric car, a wind turbine, thin film solar, LED’s, high performance batteries, or a cell phone without these elements. One Prius uses 25 kilograms (?) of the stuff.
You also can’t fight a modern war without rare earths, being essential for radar, missile guidance systems, navigation, and night vision goggles.

That’s where things get interesting. China now produces 97% of the world’s rare earth supplies, much of it coming from small mines operating by criminal gangs where it is safe to say, concerns about environmental considerations are nil.

Last year China announced that it may start restricting rare earth exports, possibly banning several, it is thought, in order to force foreigners to buy more of their downstream electronic products. Such a ban could begin as early as 2012

The US has two major rare earth mines, on in California, with plans to reopen it, and another in Texas, currently underneath a lake.

The U.S. has one of the world’s largest and richest Rare Earth deposits at Molycorp Minerals’ facility in Mountain Pass, California. It is principally valued for its deposits of bastnäsite and the metals that can be extracted from it, including: Cerium, Lanthanum, Neodymium, and Europium (used for red light in CRT screens).

Barringer Hill Texas underneath Lake Buchanan is described by the United States Geological Survey as one of the greatest deposits of rare-earth minerals in the world, its pegmatite was the first place geologists discovered fergusonite, monofergusonite, thorogummite, yttrialite, and nivenite.

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