Sunday, May 30, 2010


One way terrorists may use unleash a bioterror attack on U.S. population centers is by introducing pathogen-infected mosquitoes into an area, then let the insects pursue their deadly mission; many of the world’s most dangerous pathogens — Rift Valley, chikungunya fever, or Japanese encephalitis — already are transmitted by arthropods, the animal phylum that includes mosquitoes

Currently, there is no organized plan at any governmental level to develop the resources for mosquito control that would prevent such an attack.


Alan Note: this terrorism aspect emanates strongly from Soviet trained Cuban "biological warfare" laboratories which have inflicted attacks of this nature in Florida as a debilitating effort to harm the USA. Similar to China flooding the USA with "black tar" heroin at give-away pricing to weaken future generations of Americans.

Had they known that "Obamination" would descend on our country, they could could spared themselves their efforts.


Anil Ambani does not wait in traffic.

The billionaire industrialist often commutes by helicopter, soaring far above the traffic jams that clog his sprawling hometown of Mumbai.

But Ambani’s high-flying life could have ended last week — a complaint filed with police said pebbles and gravel were found in the chopper’s engine — debris that could have caused the craft to crash.

The case took a bizarre twist this week: the technician who discovered the suspected sabotage turned up dead. Bharat Borge’s body was discovered on suburban Mumbai railway tracks after he was apparently hit by a train — a death police are calling suicide but Borge’s family believes was murder.


Taking a page from the Anjem Choudary handbook, turns out “Muslim Rise” is actually another name for Sharia4Belgium. Same radicals, multiple groups. And this time, they’ve brought friends from the UK (Choudary) and Denmark.

I’ve been reporting about Sharia4Belgium ever since they put up their site. They’ve been very active since in making headlines (Sharia4Belgium site, Lecture shouted down by radical Muslims, Benno Barnard update, Islamists vs. Communists, Sharia4Belgium making threats on behalf of Malika El Aroud, Belgium: New radical group to protest against European oppression)

Do you think that’s smart? Or, as Abu Imran boasts here, does that help their cause? Does it matter?


The most extreme statements came yesterday from ‘teacher’ Sayef ul Islam, who radically turned against Western society. “Your freedom and democracy belong in hell. And the Catholic Church, what is that? That pope and his gang of pedophiles? The law of God is the law of Muslims. And the terrorists, that’s you. But there will be an end to your secular extremism.”

Islam, he says, offers beauty and protection. The Western values only produce alcoholism, pornography, addiction and crime. “You live like beasts. Like pigs and apes. But we will bring civilization, because our values are superior. Now the discussion is about whether our sisters may cover themselves. One day we’ll say that your women have to cover themselves.”

American-Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki advocates killing of American civilians in al-Qaida video — White House Official Says US Actively Seeking Anwar al-Awlaki — Gibbs: “despite telling the world that he is a cleric, you see on a video tape that he supports al-Qaida’s agenda of murder and violence”.

BUT the policy of the Oba-Hussein administration has BANNED linking of terrorism to Islam in any form or fashion, even the Taliban - as if the Al Qaeda membership is not TOTALLY Islamic!

As if the plethora of OTHER (protected by Obama) Islamic Jihadi "clerics" worldwide are real clerics and not exactly like Al-Awlaki preaching destruction of the West and global rule of a Moslem sharia Caliphate dominating the whole planet.


Militants attack U.N. Gaza summer camp: “Two days earlier, a previously unknown militant group, ‘The Free of the Homeland,’ issued a statement criticizing the camp’s organizer, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), for, ‘teaching schoolgirls fitness, dancing and immorality.’”


Top US security official: Our enemy isn’t terrorism, jihad
— John Brennan: “Nor do we define our enemy as jihadists or Islamists, because jihad is holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam that means to purify oneself or one’s community.”

— Obama doctrine to make clear ‘no war on Islam’\05\27\story_27-5-2010_pg7_32

IPT News: “Brennan Seeks Non-Existent Hizballah Moderates”


“Religious Predators Target Girls?” — “American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recommended that American doctors be given permission to perform ‘ceremonial’ female circumcisions”


Mangalore plane crash brings fake passports scam to fore

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