Monday, June 14, 2010


On the other side of the same coin, Ireland seems to have also become a nest of Islamists who support the islamic regime of iran and people like Mottaki.

Saturday's "non-event" in Islamic Iran  - one year annivesary of the stolen election by Ahmadi-Nejad - was dampened when the three main "opposition leaders", Moussavi, Kahroubi and Rafsanjani announced that dissidents should not get into the streets but stay home.

On the one hand, the regime turned street corners of every major and some minor cities into armed military posts to rapidly suppress demonstrations.

When some violent flare ups took place around the country, suppression forces repatedly complained that "you were supposed to stay home, why are you here?"

The opposition leaders telling people to stay away does not indicate a consideration for the populace but their fear that the whole situation has turned from being a protest against the election fraud into a regime change movement.

And as evidenced by the comments from the suppression forces, the stay away policy was in conjunction with the regime's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as part of a mutual interest. And avoids the backlash that heavy suppression would trigger at a time when the Islamic regime is trying to minimize the severity of UN sanctions (with Obama's strong support in the Mullahs' favor)

All three (and fourth man, Hatami), all have rivers of Persian blood on their hands, so their only chance of survival is to keep the regime in place but change who is in charge. Or end up hanging from lamp poles in Tehran or wherever they flee to hide.

Meanwhile, Ahmadi-Nejad has worked, off the radar, to establish a para-military take over (semi-coup) of Islamic Iran and wrench power from the clerics and pass it to his former Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) colleagues.

The IRGC already controls most industrial and major financial projects and top banking of the country, so already have considerable power or influence and indirect funding. To a point where sanctions have already been aimed at them separately from the the rest of the country as a whole.

SIDE BAR!!! No American flags at Obama's TV speech about the oil spill. They seem to have disappeared from around him.

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