Tuesday, June 15, 2010


As some of you have discovered, we monitor the "comments" posted to this site. The reason is mostly to prevent multiple advertising material posts by those wishing to reach some 80 countries in over 36 languages which our site provides.

Noting that we do not accept any paid advertising - to avoid being polluted by seemingly innocent advertising from say a supermarket - to later discover it belongs to a terrorist organization or Iranian Mullah or Mullah supporter - we strongly prevent  those who try to use us for free promotions.

Please note, the monitoring is not aimed at suppressing opinion but abuse which we discovered.

For anyone trying to post their opinion, we suggest you do NOT do it in a language or lettering/font (Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic for example) we cannot read or understand.  Those get removed immediately as they cannot be evaluated as to type of content and wording.

We have no problems posting reasonably POLITE social or political opinions including those which are on occasion critical of our own opinions. (Tough adjectives OK but no swearing, curse words, though we all sometimes feel like it).

Be well, be happy and thrive.

AND VOTE THE SCOUNDRELS OUT IN NOVEMBER and restore the country to caring adults instead of the CORRUPT, radical children poutingly pretending to govern us but in reality destroying us, our Constitution and our way of life AND our safety/security by calling patriotic Americans "domestic" terrorists while removing any terror label from Jihadist Moslems, who openly proclaim they want to kill us. And attempt to do so with some succeeding.

Europe is waking up and so are some in the USA. Specially to the fact we have a Trojan Horse "enemy within" inside the White House offices, which turn a deaf ear to what "we the people want" and increasingly impose their tyrrany by Chicago style thuggery. Turning Americans into financial SLAVES to White House inept and clueless handling of our economy! Or as some say, not inept but with purposeful intent to remove America as a major power from the world map.

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