Friday, June 25, 2010

IRAN ANTI-HEJAB PROTEST مبارزه زنان با حجاب

About a year ago, protesting the regime a man took off all his clothes and walked butt naked in the traffic along a busy Tehran street until police arrested him. He had no clothes with him so they had to cover him up with a blanket and haul him off to prison. We posted the video (do a search).

Now, with the renewed harsh repression of women and the imposition of brutal methods to control their Sharia  dress code, this woman covered up her head hair BUT exposed her lower part (she removed her pants in public).

Luckily a man "rescued" her before the arrival of the police.

A woman, who has since escaped, was shopping with her son in Tehran when to her astonishment, a male security officer arrested her for an improper dress code violation.

She had a full, proper  head scarf and not a lock of hair showed at her forehead. He marched her to his vehicle without explanation while her young son pleaded with the man that  "my mummy is a good person, mummy is a good person, let her go!"

Once inside the man explained that her hair had grown long enough to have a strand peek out below teh head scarf at the middle of her back and she was thus contravening Iran's Sharia law and modesty regulations.

When she protested she did not have eyes in the back of her head, he said he would let her go if she went on a "date" with him. Meaning have sex with him.

She endured some harsh times, shuddering when she remembers, at the police station where he took for not accepting his advances.

Islam in action? Rape of women is a prominent, often mentioned part of the Koranic "religion".

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