Sunday, June 20, 2010


These "taazee" (Arab Islamic invaders, who impose Arab origin Sharia law) rejoice - as does Moslem Oba-Hussein here - at their power and not the will of the increasingly oppressed people. Even in the USA, where the administration is progressively more and more dictatorial and tyrannical in dealing with "we the people"! Some of it in the name of and to protect Islam.

Meanwhile in Islamic Iran, President Ahmadi-Nejad, who calls Oba-Hussein the "black picanniny" (Farsi equivalent "kaka siah", derogatory 'black bro')  states that if Obama has no preconditions for talks, he does and will announce his conditions to Obama, who has to comply if he wants to talk.

With abused women in Iran increasingly the backbone of the resistance movement and also the majority of students at universities (till they were reduced by male on quotas), the hardliners have encouraged, even egged on the police to crack down on "improper dress" by Sharia standards. A strand of hair showing from under a head scarf is sufficient to suddenly invite ferocious arrest and physical abuse.

Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei (white robe in video), aghast at his vanishing support among the populace came out with a plea for gentler handling of women. And ran smack into the hardliners who have openly announced  nobody has the right to obstruct the police in carrying out the role of enforcers of religious dress codes.

Hardline thugs have also recently attacked the homes, vandalizing everything they found inside, of a couple of high ranking anti-regime Ayatollahs, who do not believe that Islam should directly govern Iran.

BTW, the video emulates Arabic tones and language to mock the Arab profiles of the Mullahs in Iran and their high ranking operatives.

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