Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A view into a rich neighborhood Tehran house - high ranking officials' wives relax while their husbands persecute the populace.

Most recently an order has been issued to ARREST any woman seen with a suntanned face! Hard not to get one in very hot sunny Tehran but in effect an effort to insist on women covering up their faces and trying to put them into burkhas!

Only eyes would be seen and thus they might avoid arrest as their faces could not be seen in accordance with the strictest of Islamic sharia laws.

Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei has now issued a "fatwa" (edict) that he is the (self-declared) personification in our times of the Prophet on earth and also of the 12th Imam, so he speaks for Allah and his words MUST BE OBEYED blindly.

(Makes Oba-Hussein declaring himself the messiah of "hope and change" a bit lukewarm but follows the same concept of demanding obedience).

Ayatollah Khomeini (left) Oba-Hussein-Abdullah-Khomeini (right)



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