Friday, July 16, 2010


President Barack Obama (D) is treating his multi gazillion dollar spend our way out of debt and unemployment stimulus as his own private make work program, tossing taxpayer dollars to favored constituents, such as unions, and to favored areas, such as his home city of Chicago.

And now he's making it even more private, choosing his family's personal cook, (UNTRAINED - no formal culinary training and has never run a restaurant or hotel kitchen) 29-year old Sam Kass, imported from Chicago, as...SENIOR POLICY ADVISOR for Healthy Food Initiatives.

If Roman Emperor Caligula could appoint his favorite horse Incitatus, a Senator then Obama can appoint his personal chef, who goes on golfing jaunts with him, as the new Food Czar - with oversight of some $400 million taxpayer funded "healthy foods" initiative.

Rumor has it that either there is a "very special personal relationship" (maybe sharing noodles)  between these two men in play here or this cook knows so many family secrets this title and pay increase are a Chicago thug style buy out for his silence.

(People magazine called Mr. Kass one of “Barack’s Beauties” in its list of 100 Most Beautiful people this year.)


1. People are losing jobs and we need this ‘policy wonk’ why?!
Obama, et al, are SO OUT OF TOUCH!
Does Michelle Obama even know how to cook?!

2. Personally, I think Obama is doing the same thing. "You stupid Americans! As an elected official I have no time to waste on you -- I tee off in 30 minutes. But do not worry, my cook shall rule over you while I am away!"

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