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In urban situations a  self-defense, gun emergency normally takes place at a 15 to 25 foot distance, at the most, and usually more likely to be a very near or close contact confrontation, so defensive measures can be met with this small but highly lethal weapon just as well as a larger, heavier one.

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Single Action (re-cock hammer after each trigger pull) MINI revolver
This  .22 Magnum MINI-Revolver is the ultimate in up front, personal, close-in protection. It's small, easy to conceal and safe to carry.

 Whether you carry it for hiking and camping, or for self-defense, this gun delivers when you need it most.

As with every NAA Mini-Revolver, the hammer need not rest on an empty chamber. Using the original half-way notch cylinder, the hammer may rest safely and securely without chance of accidental discharge with all FIVE ROUNDS loaded.

• Caliber: .22 Magnum

• Capacity: 5

• Material: 17-4 pH stainless steel

• Barrel Length: 1 1/8"

• Overall Length: 4 3/4" (to get an idea of how small it really is, it nests/hides comfortably in the curled palm of even a fairly small hand with fore and middle finger extended).

• Overall Height: 2 7/8"

• Width: 7/8"

• Weight: 5.9 oz. unloaded

This .22 Magnum can be used with all popular .22 Magnum ammunition, including .22 Magnum shot shells (called Snake Shot by some manufacturers as it can splatter the head of a reptile and needs less accurate aiming ).

Alan note: The .22 magnum ammunition penetrates and then most likely travels around inside the body instead of exiting, doing lots of damage. Even if full metal jacket rather than hollow points are used.

Most handgun calibers travel from around 950 feet per second (fps) for a .45 to around 1400 fps or so for mid-size calibers.

The .22 magnum is a very high speed bullet and travels at around 2,000 fps.

Two useful bullet styles have hollow points, one with a silicone plug to retain speed and accuracy and the other (TNT) is sometimes called a “surgeon’s nightmare” as it shrapnels on entry and causes such widespread collateral damage where it impacts that it’s very hard to repair the damage medically.

The very compact grip shown above can be easily replaced by a folding one (optional purchase, shown below) which retains the small overall profile but expands (folds and locks out and button releases back) for larger hands and an overall steadier grasp.

The either side belt clip on it serves as a built in left or right side holster.

Though not generally needed for most likely short range use, the laser sight (optional) helps out in hard to see/aim or longer range situations.

Remember, when using the laser sight in defending yourself do NOT try to over-steady it on the target. You are trying to save your life not achieve a tight group in target practise, so once the red dot appears somewhere around the target area - anywhere - in the center of the chest, for example, FIRE!

With this single action revolver, "double tapping" (firing two shots rapidly one after the other) the usual instruction for lasers on double action or semi-automatic weapons, may not be easy but can be practised. So if you can, once the red dot is roughly centered on the general target FIRE, then FIRE again!

BUT remember this. The target (a person or animal) can also see your laser and thus knows where you are, so it's not a concealed shot - day or night and, if it's a person, they can shoot back at your laser source even if you are camouflaged or hiding.

If your life is in danger and you are perhaps struggling with your attacker, specially a woman facing a much bigger stronger assailant, the easiest, most lethal action is to stick the revolver into his armpit  and pull the trigger.

Most probably you will never need a second shot.

The armpit is a major nerve nexus where even a well placed blow or kick can disable an opponent let alone what a tearing, twisting bullet would do .

Somewhat like disabling your opponent in a martial arts style by a full strength clenched fist blow to the BLADDER (more effective than the  testicles). If you have ever been in a fight and slammed the stiffened upper edge of your hand into the testicles of your aggressor, you may  have been surprised how long a worked up or high on drugs attacker can fight on before he feels the pain and stops. This can  be several minutes, by which time you may have been fatally wounded/damaged.

Strong blows to the bladder area (of male or female) are almost instantly debilitating and more  certain to stop a fight then and there.

Compact Laser Sight


A skilled martial artist can cross some 18 feet separating you from him/her in UNDER ONE SECOND. Often faster than you can react to pull the trigger. A Hispanic street kid, knife user, can often also be very rapid and get to you before you can shoot.

The following pictures show real life results of  a law enforcement officer under-estimating someone with a sharp blade (knife, box cutter or similar) because he had a gun.

"Bringing a gun to a knife fight" does not always work out well for the gun carrier.




This officer learned the hard way. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security because you have any kind of gun. The legal and moral decision to shoot an attacker, even pre-emptively and at what distance is YOURS and each situation is different so nobody can advise you and WE ARE NOT offering any advice, guidance or suggestions. We report YOU decide.

Also note: Bullet proof vests, unless body armor type, are usually NOT knife or ice pick proof and low calibers like a .22 magnum can sometimes penetrate some brands - but not in the area of a ceramic plate insert.

Be careful out there, be well, be happy, survive and thrive.


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Or check with your local gun store.


Fred P. said...

Even less expensive (though bulkier) are the American-made Hi-Point semi-auto handguns in various calibers:

They have a lifetime, transferable, full warranty.

I own one and like it.

Fred P. said...

Even less expensive, though bulkier, are the Made-in-theUSA Hi-Point handguns: