Monday, August 09, 2010


With the pressure cooker dissatisfaction with Obama and his weird, mostly corrupt and certainly thuggish Chicago style administration members (and Congress), possibly about to boil over into the streets, how long does Military Court member Driscoll think he can cover up the truth by denying Lt. Colonel Lakin his rights of Discovery?

Federal District Judge David Carter did this nearly a year ago in a parallel case and lost/altered not only his "former" Marine status into an  EX-Marine in our minds (like Jack Murtha) for his actions but also betrayed our country with his bringing on board to his court an intern - a lawyer from the law firm representing Obama - to write his 30-page Motion to Dismiss response in favor of Obama.

A year later, does he still think he served the country well?

Are Marine colleagues in Afghanistan safer or better off in waging the war as per Obama's idiotic Rules of Engagement?

Are the 65 million Americans he ostensibly refused to "disenfrachise" (his excuse for NOT hearing the case on its MERITS) better off - OR HAS HE PLACED ALL OF US, OUR CHILDREN, their CHILDREN and those CHILDREN's children into financial slavery?

Do YOU, Judge Carter,  have the courage/guts/cojones to go back and pick the nation out of the dumpster into which you flung us?

Retrieve the cases brought to your Santa Ana court by Orly Taitz and others? Use existing exceptions to the District of Columbia jurisdiction to bring matters out into the open through Discovery?

To become a hero in the eyes of most of the 65 million you so misjudged and mislabeled, who are drowning in buyer's remorse?

I don't believe the Obama administration, within a few months,  will still be able to give you anything they promised nor carry out any threats they might have made.

Come on Judge, restore your formerly good name and reputation, which your timid caving last year destroyed in so many minds.

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