Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It's only stealthy because we are too naive, too politically correct and too ignorant of the real ideology of this bellicose, despotic socio-political movement that hides under the guise of being a religion, which historically kills, rapes and has one aim - TO CREATE A GLOBAL CALIPHATE which then  rules the world, using "sharia" (Islamic religious law) to govern everyone and where being a non-Moslem makes you a second class being, who has to pay the ruling Islamic administration a special "permission to live" tax without which non-Moslems are NOT ALLOWED to exist (stay alive).

While there are millions and millions of wonderful peaceful Moslems, Islam itself is NOT a religion of peace, nor preaches peace, but rather of human body pieces, many of which are cut off as punishment for infractions of Islamic tenets. Often after the victim, specially a woman, has been mercilessly whipped often nearly to death.

Recently a pregnant woman in Afghanistan, accused of adultery (though her husband had long been dead) was condemned according to sharia law to  receiving 200 lashes. No! That horror was not all, She was then shot in the chest and head to complete the religious court's verdict. (Probably happy to die by that point in time).

This barbaric behavior, similar to some Biblical Old Testament edicts from a savage, uncivilized 2,000+ years ago, SHALL appear in a neighborhood near you, probably within your lifetime as Sharia Law gets introduced and even now promoted by our VERY Moslem Oba-Abdullah-Hussein-SOEBARKAH (his new family name which appeared on his mother's passport application ) usurper of the White House.

The seeds of this relentless Jihadi "cancer" have been introduced into the USA and in Londonistan, Eurabia have grown to alarming proportions where it is already killing parts of it's host bodies (European nations).

Again it is not Moslems but the fanatical jihadi leaders who are at fault but for non-Moslems the jihadis are the tail that wags the dog and brings oppression and death and mutilation under the guise of Islam. Even to other Moslems.

Take note that to force women to cover their faces, the Islamic regime in Iran has issued orders to their Morals Police and other Suppression Authorities to arrest and imprison women who have a sun-tanned face!

This is in a country where the sun shines strongly for much of the year and simply being outside the home in daily life leads to getting a tanned face!

Don't expect something less in your country or neighborhood once the cancer finds roots and spreads its deadly tentacles in our western nations.

Just a matter of time, folks, just a matter of time unless you get off your butts and examine, analyse and express your opinions on what is being force fed to us.

Under Obama, Moslems in the USA have become a privileged and protected upper-class above and beyond any Christian and granted a string of immunities from laws and regulations the rest of us are forced to follow.

For example, Moslems in Burkhas are not required to show their faces at airport check points - not even to women employees, who fear official reprimand or termination or being sued if they insist - even though it could be a male terrorist under that garb or fugitive from justice escaping our ability to capture them by using this disguise. (As is often tried by men in Afghanistan or Pakistan trying to escape arrest).

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