Saturday, August 07, 2010


These two men personify two opponents, each hell bent on destroying their nations.

Both have their agendas which do not cover the well being of their populace instead of their personal somewhat looney, very radical ideology.!

But it's an unfair unevenly matched struggle. The Iranian leader is a certifiable Hojatieh nutcase while Oba-Hussein is a street thug without much more in mind than usurping and enjoying the luxury his office has given him (at huge cost to our populace including his wife's seventh vacation just this summer, at a cost of about $350,000 to US taxpayers for her Spain trip alone) while he destroys America.

Look and decide for yourself who has the necessary strength of character.

Ahmadi-Nejad's eyes say it all.

Specially when he is off his medication

Mir Hossein Mousavi, Iran’s opposition leader has accused the government of the Iranian President Ahmadinejad of suspending government projects believing in the superstition of the arrival of the last Shiite Imam Mohammedi Mehdi, reported by several local and regional Media outlets last week.

“Some government officials have predicted the coming of Mahdi soon. Therefore, the government has halted working on several important projects,” said Mousavi.

Mousavi, leader of Iran's so-called Green Movement, lost last year’s highly disputed presidential elections to Ahmadinejad. Since then, he as well as many others have not recognized Ahmadinejad as president believing that election results where changed by a massive fraud conducted by pro-Ahmadinejad circle including Iran’s supreme Leader Khamenei, who had supported Ahmadinejad.

"Some people believe Mahdi will come in the next six months or next year. That is why the government has stopped working on several industrial, as well as water and energy projects," Mousavi ridiculed. "They paralyze the economy on the pretext of Mahdi's coming".

Mousavi said that superstitious beliefs were growing within the ruling elite. Clearly alluding to Ahmadinejad, Mousavi said “there are some people who use the philosophy of Mahdi's coming for political purposes”.

Mousavi said that his supporters had increased into the military circles including high ranking officials of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), who suppressed last year's pro-opposition demonstrations. He said that Mahdi Jafferi, general commander of the IRGC, had warned his officers to stop supporting for Mousavi, preferring the current policy of Iran to the use of violence and exiling.

According the reports, Brigadier Jafferi did not comment on the size of the opposition and reformists in the IRGC. Apparently for similar reasons, Iran's supreme leader Khamenei has recently retired 250 high ranking officials in the IRGC. Among the retired commanders there are commanders who had participated in the Iran-Iraq war which lasted 8 years.

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