Monday, September 06, 2010


Europe now waking up.

And just as the Ground Zero mosque is an "in your face, preferably in your eye" show of Moslem force, these street prayers (also found in Londonistan and in some American cities) are a show of  imposition of "sharia law" on non- Moslems.
Incidentally, the Koran does NOT say that women have to wear a Burkha or totally concealing clothing, it says "modestly dressed".

Why does "modest dress" require or insist on clothing from backward, Dark Age customs in Third World countries? Why should  it not apply - logically -  to what is considered modest clothing in the location or country where the Moslem woman finds hereself? Not restricted to their  country of origin, outdated, archaic cultures.

Thus in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan or other less modern countries, the Burkha or Persian "chador" (tent) could be appropriate.

But in Western countries, Western norms of modesty would apply.

Thus Moslem women would be deemed modestly dressed as required by the Koran if they follow "modest clothing" in whichever country they find themselves. It may differ from "modest dress" in their home countries but they are no longer in their home countries.

Nor, if born in the new country, their minority culture (Islamists try to have their tail wag the dog) does NOT override what the original inhabitants consider to be modest.

The Moslem insistence on a Burkha or "chador" would equal the insistence in Western countries  that the only acceptable "modest" clothing should be the traditional  habit and head dress worn by Nuns!

These women have foresaken the outside world and reclused themselves from society and wear what they inherited from customs derived hundreds if not a thousand years ago.

Can you imagine our reactions if some Christian or pseudo-Christian sects or organizations came to power and insisted that women should begin to wear a Nun's clothing or be whipped, stoned or executed if they don't! A pretty close parallel to Islamic sharia laws.

As you can see in an article below on this page, the "taysir"" in Islam permits NOT following sharia when outside a Moslem environment or country!

Islamists, instead of assimilating into our countries and cultures DEMAND we accomodate and assimiliate into their MINORITY views. Even when their "religion" does not insist!

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