Saturday, October 09, 2010


While the Uncoverage site,  which you can reach by clicking on this article title, is a commercially operated one, (unlike AntiMullah), it is also the first site we have or would recommend to our visitors.

A lightly handled, underlying editorial knowledge of political facts and news, and choice of sources, a pointed focus on what's pertinent makes this a place to visit regularly, even daily.

Speaking as a total outsider, there is a "je ne sais pas quoi" quality to it that feels apt, comfortable and professional.

As an example, here is the link to Uncoverage's Stuxnet virus comprehensive article

Brief excerpt:

The mysterious Stuxnet “cyberwar” being waged against Iran’s rogue nuclear facilities in Bushehr and Natanz continues to confound and fascinate

The Iranian government has waffled back and forth on whether to admit what the world already knows: An extremely malicious computer “worm” was delivered and installed or arrived installed into the operating systems of the Iranian nuclear plants during construction. The “worm” has been causing problems in the facilities’ operations, but it wasn’t known until recently what the cause was.

Iran had announced recently it was questioning Russian engineers who have high-level access to the facilities. Some of the Russians were fleeing the country.

The Iranian vice president has now admitted there has been a problem, but “arrests have been made” and there is no further damage.

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