Thursday, October 28, 2010

تظاهرات ایرانیان در شهر لوس آنجلس بر ضد جیمی کارتر PERSIAN ANTI-JIMMY CARTER PROTEST

VIDEO shows protesters using both English and Persian to make their point.

Jimmy the "idiot" Carter came to Los Angeles for a book signing event for his latest self-praising publication and ran into an explosive Persian protest against him both as a person and for his backing of Ayatollah Khomeini, which in the minds of Persians destroyed their country Iran.

Their protest also included angry slogans at his pro-terrorist HAMAS Palestinians activities and mindset, which they relate as similar to his misgjuided support of the Ayatollahs, who in their minds have turned their beloved Iran into the Islamic terrorist regime from whom they have had to flee all over the world, including to the USA.

At one point they sing an old traditional national anthem and show their fury at Carter by demanding he sign books for them and when he refuses and apparently tells them to get lost and throws a book at them, they respond by tearing up his books which were there to be signed.

Much as the Tea Partiers did, cleaning up after themselves at (much bigger) rallies, protesters gathered up the torn books to preserve the cleanliness of area.

In Persian, a microphone toting journalist mentioned that each of the demonstrators was there as their own boss and not dragged there by any particular movement.

Then adds to a strident woman that she is a one woman army all by herself and should not be concerned that even more people had not showed up to brace Carter.

In a mindset similar to those who have buyer's remorse about electing Obama, they shouted slogans of "shame on America for electing someone like Carter" as President.

Carter cancelled the event and fled the scene without signing books.

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