Sunday, October 24, 2010


WE THE PEOPLE are pushing back!

After Obama several times intentionally dropped mention of the word Creator in the reciting the  Declaration of Independence preamble in his speeches, his Marxist-Islamist viewpoint, which either denies any celestial diety as a Marxist or insists on Allah rather than the Christian God/Creator as a fervent Islamist, met with an increase in his unpopularity, so he has changed course and once again restored the mention of Creator in recent days.

The Democrats seem oblivious to their support of undeniably destructive policies that labels then as RATS!

It seems to have rubbed off on Joe Biden in this photo of him where his features emulate a rat's. See for your self:

In this video, "we the people" INSIST on the Pledge of Allegiance being recited at this event.

I worked so hard for decades to remain "Senator"  - time to send Boxer home!

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