Friday, October 29, 2010


Consider the founding Monarchy and over the years what developed and exists now in Islamic Iran, which started with the Islamic take over of the country. At no time, even at its worst did any monarchy come close to the brutality, bestiality (the leaders of the current regime are worse than animals), bigotry and ruthless disregard for any human except themselves.

Here in the USA, still officially in the closet yet fervent, dedicated Moslem with Communist tendencies, Oba-Hussein  has a similar mentality to the Islamic Iran regime but has been unable to implement his radical mindsets because of U.S. Constitutional freedoms hampering him.

However, with Congressman Rangel submitting a bill in Congress to provide Obama with a Civilian Security Force (with which to attack us "we the people" as they would be sworn in with their oath to the Presidency and not the Constitution)

With the Lame Duck session of Congress potentially full of Democrats who lost their seats and no longer care  nor have re-election concerns, they will vote for the scorched earth bills that Pelosi and Reid will create to try to ensure that the Republican majority that will take over in January will face unresolvable challenges.

The Democrats in Congress have shown how little they feel loyalty to the Constitution or for our country so expect the very worst.

Bills passing by voice votes where a small squeak from the Democrats is counted as being louder than a roar from Republicans, where bills that have not even been written - like the annual national budget are DEEMED TO HAVE PASSED even though they do not even exist and bills like 2,000+ page Obamacare that were passed without being read by Congressmen or Senators, all indicate what to expe next Congress and  from the month long Lame Duck session. POTENTIAL DISASTER for our nation through running a flurry of huge bills down our throats - full of landmines for the next Congress.

A civil war warning may be premature but not out of the question as opposition to Obama and his radical mindsets spreads and flares up and he throws his Civil Security Forces at us.  In "self-defence". Watch for a potential decree of martial law to suspend out rights while he rules by decree and when the regular military refuses to obey, he inserts his "personal" civilian force army into the   mix.

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