Sunday, November 28, 2010


Is defending Ebrahim Yazdi not the same as supporting the heinous crimes he plagued onto Iran in 1979? The revolution eats its own and who more deservedly rots in the prisons he helped create where so many honorable men and women perished.

He was nicknamed "fangs" for his habit of ending short phrases with a rictus-like tiny grin at cameras as he sent people to their deaths or levelled accusations that ended up with their convictions in kangaroo Mullah courts. And long awaited merciful release of death tney craved from the pain inflicted on them.

Except for approvers of the Soviet run Marxist-Islamic Khomeini revolution nobody can in good conscience defend this man and ask for his release as if he were a decent person rather than a sadistic murderer who took pleasure in his inhuman activities.

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