Thursday, November 18, 2010


About 10 years ago in a seaside cafe two writers chatted over an Italian snack and a glass of wine. The male, a screenplay writer bemoaned the budgets for movies drying up and the movie industry being run by bean counters (accountants) and not by creative directors.

His female companion, had had three of her screenplays sold to Disney in one set of transactions by her agent, who then absconded with the downpayments.

The loss of this money was less severe than the three scripts being tainted by the theft and thus never likely to be produced. Losing much more money and wasting the time and effort she had put into it.

"You've been there and done that, had a price put on your head four times by the bad guys, know palace and national secrets, probably exceed what would be credible in a script, had countless female interactions so write a book".

I went home and began writing brief "reminder" notes, four inches thick in one large single sheet binder and several other folders each about an inch. I didn't have to invent anything - just remember things.

Saw my first dead body,  shot while trying to infiltrate a British compound when I was three years old.

From a distance I wondered why the man who was sitting  propped up inside the perimeter wall had such a black face while his half naked body was light skinned. Still don't know the answer though I recognized the bullet wounds in his chest and stomach.

What the British Colonel Patrick had to do to get it to the nearest authorities is an amusing comedic-tragic story of its own.

With the latest Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking (voice to text) version 11 to do the typing (after I get through training it) and an Olympus DS 2400 digital audio recorder to carry around while doing other things, the book conceived ten years ago is being born.

No hurry? No pressure?  Actually there is a likely deadly deadline.

If the Mayans were right - and recently Australian scientist are vocally but indirectly supporting the Mayan timetable, we are perhaps unable to survive the sun throwing solar winds at us with the impact of a 100 million Hydrogen Bombs around the end of 2012 or early 2013.

Hard to imagine our planet will survive so writing the book is possibly a short term  work and will be offered as a social chat with the reader on a broad variety of real life subjects and true events. Without any guarantee of any readers surviving to read it.

If Soros and Obama persevere and succeed with their plans to financially destroy the world as we know it, we can expect a potential global disaster preceding the one Mayans calculated. Not a big difference, rather like being hit and killed by a van or a Mack truck. Same difference for the person being hit.

With ability to self-publish I have not worried about finding a publisher. Once written the book will easily attract publishers. So a new, enjoyable task on my rather full plate, which will shed light into some still dark corners and secrets of well known individuals or families.

Be well,  be happy and thrive.

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