Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Here are some views of Oba-Hussein depicting his visible character traits and his lack of governing ability:

Real press photos show how much hate and anger reside in him. Aimed at his enemies - anyone who opposes him politically - and - aimed AT  AMERICA he appears dedicated to destroy with insane spending, crippling policies and a Marxist-Islamist combined mindset with which he was raised and wants to impose on the nation.

Spending our money as if it were his and WASTING IT on holidays for his wife in Spain at some $75,000 a day -  or $200 million a day in India for two days and an estimated $2 BILLION
for his 10 day Asian junket - which could pay $100 to 20 million Americans for a week of food!

SYMBOLIC depiction of him and those recognizably around him who also hate America as shown in photos taken of them at various times.

Pathological Narcissist (totally self-centered it's all about me) I know best!



I won! So will do as I please. Who cares what you people want!

 I'm clueless

Don't you dare tell the Messiah  he's wrong!



They cast a graven image of me!

And American Idol's Seacrest interviewed me!

You are all so mean!
Just because I have no experience in running anything,
not even a laundry!

You are the stupid ones, not me, YOU voted me into the White Hut!

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