Saturday, November 13, 2010



AND does this video taken off the California coast look like a passenger airliner??

AND here is a video of a SECOND launch the next day (not the first one) which toward the end has an AIRLINER  showing at top right which took off from the nearby airport and clearly shows this was not an aircraft related event as it would have presumably created the same sort of trail.
Time, weather, sun etc, all the same at that moment! But not the trail.

The video below suggests the mystery missile launch was the USA showing Asia/China and Russia our ability to launch Intercontinental  Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) from a submarine while OBAMBI is in Asia!

Since when has there been ANY doubt we have the capability to do this? That the USA has submarine launch ability to hit China or to hit Russia!

The first, a Pacific launch was 35 miles off Southern  California and headed on a North-East - across America trajectory.

The second, shortly after that, was a first ever Atlantic launch and reportedly went up above New York.

These were quickly seen to pose no DIRECT threat so created little official reaction.

This video opinion appears to be an oxymoronic cover up of the most likely truth. To AVOID disclosing how unprotected and vulnerable we are under the Obama administration and his TOTAL military inexperience  (none at all) in the position of Commander-in-Chief.

Backtrack to not too long ago when a Chinese submarine appeared UNDETECTED in the middle of an American naval carrier group
 showing off their "silent" operational capability. To even penetrating our highly sophisticated and supposedly alert Aircraft carrier group and its protective ships and anti-submarine Helicopters.

China was saying "we can get you anywhere and anytime we want".

What seems more likely to you?

America showing off a long established capability for little good reason except to cover up Obama's idiotic ineptitude - or China doing a close-by our shores launch from two submarines to warn us to do something about the damage this same inept moron is doing to us AND the rest of the global economy - which includes China? And about which China has been complaining loudly - including openly to radically misguided, possibly mentally incapabable to govern, Obama.

Neither of the two mystery - probably Chinese - possibly multiple warhead missiles needed to have a particularly nuclear destructive warhead.

As - or more  damaging -  than a few nuclear expolosions could well be several nuclear EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) explosions at some 40,000 feet about our cities, which totally eliminate/destroy most forms of electronic circuit boards.

Without directly killing anyone - EMP does not harm humans nor animals -  our economy would come to a FROZEN standstill. Almost irreparably.

Our (add your own):
gas stations,
traffic lights,
financial institutions like Wall Street,
civil communications - phones cellular phones,
electricity grids,
sewage handling,
garbage processing,
home comforts like a microwave or radio or television - ALL use computers or use electronic circuits to function.

If you lose all transportation, no manufactured goods or food products move far from their location of origin. And riding a bicycle or a horse becomes the standard form of getting around - or walking. Vehicle fuels like gasoline or diesel do not leave refineries so run dry for the public. In reality no big deal when the vehicles intended to use them stop running anyway.

Hospitals becoming dysfunctional - their equipment stops working for the most part - and makes people die earlier than they would with their backup generators unable to replace the crash of electricity grids and end of national power supplies.

With ports, trains etc., no longer able to work, imports or exports cease to exist.

While many major military electronics have been shielded already to prevent being harmed or weakened by EMP, operating nationally within the above restrictions becomes an almost futile effort. NATIONAL SECURITY BECOMES A JOKE and our security crumbles to armed neighborhood citizens protecting themselves. Probably linking to other neighborhoods in sympathetic ties but often clashing and forming gang-like hatreds.

The only silver lining is that Obama will not be able to go on printing and distributing money, which apparently caused this direct military warning from  (presumably) the Chinese!


Anonymous said...

Well, Your WRONG...

It has been Conformed, It was a Missile from CHINA that was Launched.. NOT the USA...

Please make a Retraction.

Alan Peters said...

Mit Mit

Please make a greater effort to understand what you read. AntiMullah and cross posting on FreeRepublic all support the missile being Chinese. For fair and balanced presentation we also quouted the opposition viewpoint and then went on to discredit that opinion so nothing to retract.