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Another similarity appearing between Islamic Iran and North Korea - price and availability of food. Iran is still far from Korean shortages but moving inexorably,  though slowly still, in that direction. But we seem to be facing challenges of our own in America.

Based on analytical details provided repeatedly by Glenn Beck on Fox News and his research team and experts he has contacted on the down-sliding, debt ridden economy, on the rising price of fuel, on the potential devaluation/crash of our currency, on availability of basic needs, our ability to pay for goods AND OUR OWN extensive  EXPERIENCE with the revolution in Iran, please take heed.

We DO NOT have any inside or behind the scenes private knowledge so we opine YOU decide on whether to listen or what you want to do.

Food availability and price challenges could be coming to your neighborhood in the USA!

You need to be warned to think about it, so you might want to consider buying and stocking NON-perishable essentials like salt, sugar, cooking oils, coffee, canned foods, canned broths and canned milk. Rice or oatmeal are good filler staples.

Note that electricity may become sporadic or unaffordable so don't count on having refrigeration.  Think outside that box. Gas cylinders will be needed for basic cooking on camping type single or double burners. In fact think "camping" rather than maintaining your current menus. It will be a matter of having nutrition for survival not tasty food as a pleasure.

Also stock up on drinking water and toilet paper and perhaps paper towels as well as essential medications you require. Multi-vitamins may be an item to consider as your nutrition may not be what it is today.

Make a list of items you use monthly and try to get a reserve of a year's worth of items for you and the whole family.

Food prices may skyrocket fairly soon - perhaps in a matter of a few months though supermarket shelves may still have a supply to offer but - like in Zimbabwe - at prices nobody can pay.

"Better safe than sorry" is not being an alarmist just makes good sense, specially as with so many still out of work, trying to put this together may take some time.  And has the effect of a mini-stimulus that  makes sense and is not a waste of money.

MEANMWHILE in the same vein:
New Bread Prices
شرح قیمت قبلی به ریال قیمت فعلی به ریال
prices before and after in Rials

 نان لواش             300         1000
 Lavash Bread (very thin - white flour)

نان تافتون            900         2000  
Taftoon Bread (bit thicker - white flour)

نان بربری              500        3000
Barbari Bread (much thicker still - white flour and sesame)

  نان سنگک       2000                4000   
Sangak Bread (medium thick white cornmeal with poppy seeds)
The above breads are unleavened flat breads commonly used in Iran  

این نرخها مخصوص تهران است دراستانهای مختلف متفاوت است
These are Tehran prices. Provincial prices vary

حمل ونقل باربری درایران از یک هفته قبل عملاً دراعتصاب هستند
Transportation in Iran has for the last week been on a virtual standstill/strike
Gas and diesel prices have skyrocketed because subsidies have been cancelled.
Consumption of fuel has dropped dramatically as it has become unaffordable.

With bread the staple food of the populace as a "filler" eaten with
with almost every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner, including with rice+stew dishes the sudden doubling, tripling or even with barbari bread a six times rise
puts a huge strain on families food budgets.

Bread prices are just an example of the compound rise in food item costs, which has already put tomatoes, eggs,  potatos, dairy products like cheese, milk or yoghurt and similar daily needs almost beyond the reach of many families.

 A YouTube video detailing food price rises with emphasis on dairy products made inside Iran quite some months ago was SCRUBBED off the Internet under pressure from the Islamic regime. How they justified a video by a citizen giving details of overnight food price increases as something YouTube should delete is mind boggling and perhaps points to White House pressure coming to bear.

It was embedded on our site but failed to function after only a few days.

 عشق، قبل و بعد از انقلاب

First Family Love -  before and after the revolution

ورزش قبل و بعد از انقلاب
First Family Sports - before and after

مهمانی ها قبل و بعد از انقلاب
First Family Receptions - before and after

بانوان اول کشور قبل و بعد از انقلاب
First Ladies - before and after

خانواده اول کشور قبل و بعد از انقلاب
First Family - before and after

بچه هاي احمدی نژاد و ولیعهد
First Family Children - before and after

There are those in charge in America who want to follow this kind of change and destroy us, too!
Same Marxist-Islamic methods in progress for the last two years under Oba-Hussein.

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