Friday, December 24, 2010


With special thanks and best wishes to contributor S.J. for many great texts and graphics throughout the year and many other persons sending articles in English and Persian.

Too many to post but we read them all and learn.

And best wishes to our visitors from over 125 countries in some 40 different web browser languages, whose dropping by are the only reward for our efforts.

Thanks. We may not all, nor always, agree but we inhabit the same planet and can present and share our views here without bloodshed.

Be well, be happy and prosper.

NOTE: Nineteen of 20 U.S. residents celebrate Christmas, including 80 percent of non-Christians... (yet a very prominent person in charge insists we are NOT a Christian nation).

A majority of those surveyed said their celebrations include religious activities, with 62 percent going to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, 65 percent including religious symbols in their decorations and 78 percent saying they take some time to reflect on Christ's birth.


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